Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Tired of People

I have been so let down by people's choices over the last year, and honestly I'm just kinda tired of people in general.  Typically I love being around people, really enjoy socializing and spending time with them; but lately I would like a reprieve from people.  People have hurt me and my family, and it has been hard.  Through it, I have leaned firmly on God...pressing in as much as possible.  He is guiding me and is answering my prayers, just not necessarily in the way I thought He should.  But as things unfold, I see that He actually does know what He's doing....go figure.  I mean He is THE ALL KNOWING GOD OF THE UNIVERSE....MY CREATOR...of course He knows what's best. I have seen that many things, I don't understand, were allowed by Him to protect me from someone, some relationship, some situation or something.  There were a few times when I felt my trust waiver, and I wanted to be in complete control; but then I quickly realized that I really don't want to be in complete control.  Being in complete control is much harder and too much work for me, so God....have at it.  I will give 100% in obedience and trust.  Of course I will fail, because I am human; but I will give it my all.  And honestly I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that He's got this, and He definitely does!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5th....The Best Day of 2001!!! THIRTEEN!!!

My smack dab in the middle child is THIRTEEN! This means that I now have more teenagers than not teenagers. This also means that my girl is closer to becoming that sweet wonderful young woman that she is growing into. Drewby sweet, smart, simple, understated, book loving, outdoorsy, harmonica and ukulele playing, granola girl. I adore you! You will carry a piece of my heart with you always. And always were Papa's best birthday gift ever! He was so proud to have you born on his birthday! Happy Birthday Drew Michelle Payne! THIRTEEN....SIGH!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My dad, Papa, is spending his 71st birthday in heaven. I can only imagine how spectacular that must be. I miss him terribly but am so thankful for the years I had with him, what a wonderful father, husband, brother, uncle, friend and Papa he was. He took Neil in as his own son and treated him and loved him in that way, and I know he still does. Neil and my dad are two peas in a pod, and since Neil's dad passed when he was a baby; he was grateful to have the presence of my dad close by. Addi was his first grand baby, and he was so proud of her. Cal adored his Papa and always went to the movies with him. For years after he passed, Cal would no longer go to the movies. Somewhere along the way, I think Papa told him it was okay to go without him; and he started going with us again a few years ago. Drew was born on his birthday, and I will always remember that huge grin on his face. He always said "She was the best birthday present ever." Bryna doesn't remember much about Papa, but she enjoys hearing the funny stories about him and how much he loved his grand kids. Elliot never had the pleasure of meeting her Papa, but she is his spitting image; and I look at that baby picture of her every day and see his face. It is a wonderful reminder of what he brought to our lives. Anyone who knew him would say they were blessed to know him, and I am so thankful for all of the blessings he shared! 

Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun But Exhausted!

This weekend, we....had a better late than never birthday party for Bryna, spent all day Saturday at a Robotics competition, waited patiently to hear how our boy did in Austin at Special Olympics (he brought home the gold), waited patiently for his arrival home, attended an American Girl birthday party, visited a mall they had never been to before, attended the daddy/daughter dance, went to the Frozen sing along, hung out with wonderful friends and enjoyed the Super Bowl....whew!  It was awesome, busy, fun; and we are blessed by all these people and events!