Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It's officially time to mourn....SUMMER has ended....and we are back in school.   Actually I haven't been nearly as bombarded with paperwork and my hand hasn't cramped up at all from writing checks for this, that and the other...of which we need none!  The kids all seem happy....okay, some are kinda cranky.  I don't do that....let's start putting them to bed early and getting them up early a few weeks before school starts, so they'll be ready.  HECK NO!  I don't want to get up early, and I don't want to spend the last few weeks with them all tired and cranky.  I believe in going cold turkey.  Let them be cranky the first few weeks at school.  I mean the teachers are usually pretty lenient at first anyway, so if they are grumps (which we all know kids are much better behaved at school than at home)...then hopefully they will give them some slack.  I would rather have the grumpy kids home for a total of 3-4 hours before they are in bed for the night vs. A.L.L.  D.A.Y.  L.O.N.G!  Things got off to a fairly good start for all but my boy.  HELLO....the one who needs things to go smoothly.  First, they didn't have him on the schedule to ride the bus....which he was not completely gung ho about anyway, but we are positively gung ho about.  His high school is a hike, and high school is a large and daunting place.  We just wanted him to make sure and get where he needed to be every day without me having to park, get out and take him in.  The bus provides independence and safety...if you want to know the truth.  Of course today, the safety part was questionable.   After some begging and screaming or NPayne telling them to fix it and get him on the schedule.  They did, and he got to ride the bus today.....the 2nd day of school.  However they were in such a rush to get him on the schedule that they didn't notice one small detail....the school he goes to.   No they didn't...yes they did.  They delivered him to the wrong high school this morning.  Of course this happens after he got on the bus crying, because he doesn't want to ride the bus.  But guess what?  The most wonderfully awesome thing ever happened.  Cal told them when he got off the bus that he didn't belong there.  The teacher was looking at him and asking the driver if this was a new student....meanwhile his teacher at his school was looking for his bus # and for him to get off with no luck.  Then Cal said, "I don't go to Grapevine High School.  I go to Colleyville Heritage High School!"  DING DING DING!  They quickly put him on a bus and drove him to his school where he got off the bus and proclaimed...."THE BUS WAS LATE!"  NPayne received several calls and emails with the deepest and most sincere apologies and complete assurance that Cal handled it wonderfully and needed a high five when he got home today.  All in all, it turned out to be a blessing....at least for me....knowing that he was able to take charge of the situation makes my heart swoon!  So it's official....summer has ended, and school has started; and I'm sad!  Although I do have to admit that I kinda enjoy the peace and quiet at 8:30 instead of at 11:30 with everyone getting to bed earlier!  To all my educator friends, parent friends, student friends, students.....HAVE AN AWESOME YEAR!

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