Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have fabulous friends from all walks of life, and I cannot begin to explain how very important my relationship with each one is to me; but I'm going to try through the words of Cindy. Let me preface this all by explaining a few things. Each November, our church has a GALA where we try to raise money for missions. This past November, Cindy, my favorite female pastor....whom I've blogged about before....auctioned off a wonderful item. You see she is not only a pastor, but she also writes an article for our local paper. So for the GALA, she auctioned off the opportunity to have lunch with her and help her plan the topic of one of her articles. Now knowing how much I LOVE Cindy and respect her and knowing that I too am into writing, two of my dear on that item and won it. Then you'll never guess what they did.....they gave it to me for my birthday! Not only was I so very touched, but I was truly speechless....mainly because I already had the topic brewing in my very full brain. I met with Cindy about a month ago at our local bakery....we sat outside and lunched and discussed the article. I explained that as soon as I opened the treasured gift from my friends, I knew what I wanted her to write about....THEM...Girlfriends....The Women In My Life! She was happy and excited to write about how women need relationships with each other. We chatted for a while, and I told her about lots of my friends and how they encourage me and support me and love me. So last week, she emails me a "rough" draft of the article and asks me to honestly give her any critiques I had. I replied with "I LOVE IT!" and so without further is that treasured gift, and it's in honor of all the women in my life....the ones I see daily, the ones I speak to daily, the ones I pray for and adore, the ones I've only met in the world of blogging, the ones I've had for 30+ years, the ones I will have for 30+ more years, my peeps, my sisters in Christ, my sisters in all walks of life, my girlfriends....I love you!

By Dr. Cindy Ryan

It happened 25 years ago ... to me it was a non-event; to another person it was a major event. How could two people have such different recollections of the same thing?

I have two girlfriends I still talk to regularly who were my friends then. I called both of them and asked for their memories of the event. "Do you remember that day when ...?"

I am grateful to have women friends I have counted on year after year. And, of course, both of my friends remembered the event like I did and immediately took my side. That's what girlfriends are for.

Gale Berkowitz writes, "Scientists now suspect that hanging out with our female friends can actually counteract the kind of stomach-quivering stress most of us experience on a daily basis." She cites a UCLA study on friendships among women, which reports that women respond to stress differently than men. Women produce hormones, which make us actually seek one another out to "tend and befriend" rather than the male stress response of "fight and flight."

The Nurses' Health Study from Harvard Medical School found that the more friends women had, the less likely they develop physical ailments as they age, and the more likely they are to be leading a joyful life.

So there it is, scientific proof that women need women and that spending time together is good for us.

Jennifer Louden, in The Woman's Comfort Book, suggests women should ask themselves the following questions regarding friendship:

Who do I call when I'm down?

Who energizes me?

Who do I like to play with?

Who would I call in a crisis?

Who would bring me food if I was sick?

Who would I give my house key to?

The answers you give are clues to your nurturing network.

Another set of questions:

Who makes me feel tired?

Who causes me to have tension in my jaw or a stomach full of flutters?

Who do I find myself breathing shallowly around?

The answers are clues to your toxic relationships.

The rest is simple. Spend more time with the life-givers and less time with the energy-drainers.

Today, I celebrate energy-giving friendships among women ... where we can talk for hours and never run out of things to say; where we can ask each other, "do you think it's menopause or am I just always this snappish?"; where we can commiserate about men and children and what's wrong with society; where we can trust that our tears, our laughter and our occasional inappropriate words are going to be heard in the spirit intended; where we are given the "just-right gifts" that our friend just knew we needed; where we can compare parenting techniques, recipes, work and body issues -- and wonder of wonders, live longer and stronger because of it.

Dr. Cindy Ryan is a writer and pastor. This article is written in honor of L.P. and her amazing circle of friends.

* That LP....that's me! That amazing circle of friends....that's you!*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve....Or On My Arm!

Just so you know a little more about is what my right arm generally looks like! How does that tell you anything about me? Well....let me explain what's on my right arm....
In order of beautiful bracelet from James Avery
that my sweet dear friend Leslie gave me several years ago for Christmas.
It has the 23rd Psalm on it....not all of it but the first part.
I put it on my arm umpteen years ago, and it has NEVER come off since.....
mainly because I can't get it off. Many folks have offered to cut it off, the bracelet not the arm, during childbirth....airport security....etc.
I happily and proudly said "NO, IT STAYS! WORK AROUND IT!"
Next would be my blue rubbery bracelet from Cure Autism Now which has since merged and is now referred to as Autism Speaks....
It's in honor of all of the families who are praying for a cure for their loved one with autism!
Next would be my $7 Walmart watch. I don't buy expensive watches, I buy cheap ones and throw them away when they break.
Next would be a pink ponytail holder. Everyday it's a different color, but I always have one case one of my girls or myself happens to need a ponytail.
Yesterday I had an inservice meeting at my beloved preschool where I work one day a week and where my children have all attended....Elli is still attending. If you remember this post, I spoke about the most wonderful boss in the world....Evelyn. She is fighting breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy after having a mastectomy at the beginning of January. She was at our meeting yesterday, sporting a new short hair do, since she is about to lose her hair. As we walked in and sat down, she handed out pink rubbery bracelets that say "MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SISTERS,"! Evelyn is one of the most faithful and selfless people I have ever met, and I am honored to be in her presence....much be loved and cherished by her. She has said many times that she would gladly suffer what she has if it meant that none of us, her staff family, would have to! I love her and am praying for her complete recovery! We need her, and she needs us!
Then just for fun, and because I couldn't say "no" is Elliot's arm.
When she saw me taking photos of my arm, she was feeling....well....a little left out!
So of course I did what any mother would....and took a picture of her arm!
Isn't it sweet....chipped nail polish and all?

Monday, February 22, 2010

"I Don't Like It"

"I Don't Like It!" The twin boys that I watch have a new favorite phrase....."I don't like it!" They typically only say it's time to take a nap, clean up, or share, because they're 2 and although they enjoy their up and sharing aren't their favorite things! Other than that, life is good for 2 1/2 year old little guys. I started thinking about things that make me want to say, "I don't like it!" hold onto your are a few:
Spending money on house repairs or appliances...I Don't Like It! For example, a new microwave ;) !
Spending money on socks and underwear.....I Don't Like It! Unless of course it's because someone is potty trained! :)
Walking to the car in the pouring down rain and getting soaked to the bone, because I think an umbrella is useless while trying to get 3 little ones 3 and under to the car.....I Don't Like It!
Getting up early.....I Don't Like It!
Bad Coffee....I Don't Like It! Spending $5 for Starbucks.....I Don't Like It...the cost, not the coffee!
BUSYNESS.....I Don't Like It!
Clutter....I Don't Like It!
Many things on TV....I Don't Like It!
Dusting.....I REALLY Don't Like It!
Clean clothes that sit in the laundry basket.....I Don't Like It!
Greediness....I Don't Like It!
Being talked down to.....I Don't Like It!
UNKINDNESS....I Don't Like It!
Gossip....I Don't Like It!
Conflict.....I REALLY Don't Like It!
Teachers who won't reply to email....I Don't Like It!
Being asked to send money to school for all kinds of things.....I Don't Like It!
Our Out of Control Garage.....I Don't Like It! I do admit that some of that is my doing as well.
FRIVELOUSNESS....I Don't Like It! I have to pray hard about this one as I often find myself placing judgements on wealthy individuals and how they spend their money!
Car repairs.....I Don't Like It!
Ungratefulness....I Don't Like It!
Unwanted stuff in the background of a potentially great photo....I Don't Like It!
Inconsideration....I Don't Like It!
Arthritis Pain....I Don't Like It!
Talking on the phone....I Don't Like It!
Walmart....I Don't Like It! Except the one by my best friend's's really neat and organized!
The dentist.....I Don't Like It!
Those are just a few....really I'm not that negative, and I hate to admit it; but I struggle with many of these characteristics which is one of the reasons....I DON'T LIKE IT!

I do like love:
My life
My God
My church
My husband
My children
My family
My friends

I am blessed by wonderful relationships and fortunate to have my needs met, as well as, many of my maybe I'll start saying, "I Love It!"

It Could Have Been Worse....The Microwave Incident

So last Friday, I was in my living laundry room folding clothes on the couch when I heard the microwave beeping as if something had been cooked. I thought it was odd....considering I was in the very next room, and I never heard anyone put anything in the microwave and my 4 youngest were upstairs playing. I walked into the kitchen and was immediately met by TONS....I mean TONS of smoke coming from the microwave. Before opening the vehemently smoking apparatus, I called up the stairs....."Elliot, did you put something in the microwave?" I knew it was probably her, because she had been in the kitchen looking for a snack. My other children know how to use the microwave, although Bryna is usually an accident waiting to happen. She stood at the top of the stairs nodding yes. Then I, in a half panicked half irriated voice, asked...."WHAT?" She said, "POPCORN!" Remember she's 3 and has no idea how to actually use the microwave....hence the abundance of smoke. I carefully opened the microwave door and was immediately accosted by a cloud of smoke which immediately began to rise....smoke definitely rises. I heard my children, upstairs start to cough, and ask....."What's that smell?" I immediately told them to come downstairs, and we began to open windows and doors. I turned on fans and did everything I could think of to clear the house of smoke....and the smell. It wasn't long before the smoke was gone, but the smell.....HELP ME was awful and lingered long into the night. When I took the tray out of the microwave, I noticed that she had in fact put a package of instant oatmeal into the microwave thinking it was popcorn. When NPayne got home, he wiped down the walls and ceiling and removed the now burned to crisp apparatus which use to be our microwave. We sprayed Febreze and lit candles. It slowly started to get better except in a few parts of the house. When I arrived home Saturday morning after my photo shoot, I walked into a wonderful smell of something yummy cooking....YEA! NPayne was boiling vanilla/lemon tea bags on the stove to rid the house of the smell! It worked. By that evening when we had Drew's surprise 9th birthday party (post and pics to come), you couldn't even tell we had had a near disaster....except for the smoke stained wallpaper and the burned up microwave sitting outside.

Note to self....NEVER send Elliot into the kitchen to get herself a snack....and then not check on her when she doesn't come back with something!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabulous Gracie

You want to see know you do.....go to my photography blog to see more photos of Gracie!


As you may know, I have been feeling a huge nudge from God to do something BIG and BOLD....something more. I have felt a nudge for over a year now, but it wasn't until I read "The Hole In Our Gospel" that I actually knew He was speaking to me and telling me to get ready for something big. Before that I kept thinking....I am only one can I come up with $10 billion to provide clean water for the earth? I have talked with my pastors, prayed, read, researched, talked with my pastors, prayed some more, listened, and prayed some more. Today at 3:00 we had a meeting in our church. It was a meeting for anyone who has been feeling the call, the nudge, the stirring, the anxiousness, the uncomfortableness, the itch to do something more. I walked into a room full of people....most of whom I knew....some who I didn't....who were all there for the same reason as I. It began with a little introduction and a lot of encouragement to throw out any ideas....big or small....of what we can do to serve, to help, to answer the call. It was basically a brain storming session, and there were so many great ideas, dreams, visions, and mostly PASSION! I listened diligently and contemplated if I should say something like...."Hi, I'm Lorie; and I want to figure out how to provide clean water to the entire world. Anyone else feel that call?" I kept playing it over in my mind....what I was going to say....then it happened. Tim, a fellow member, and really kind man stood up and said something like this....When I read the book, the thing that really struck me was all of the children who are dying; because they don't have clean water. The chills literally ran up my spine. Then he said, I have done some research and even called World Vision and tried to talk with Rich Stearns (President of World Vision and author of "The Hole In Our Gospel"); but I didn't actually get him on the phone....Tim chuckled a little. Then the tears began to fill my eyes. Then he said something like....I found these reverse osmosis straws, and if we could get them to the kids/people who don't have access to clean water; they can drink out of any stream, river, etc. matter what the condition of the water... and get purified clean water. Tim explained a few more details about how the straws work, how long they last (9 months to a year), how much they cost, etc. As he sat down, I was fighting back the tears; and my heart was pounding. Then for the next few minutes, I didn't hear a thing, I just prayed silently....thanking God and asking Him to continue to reveal. Then another man, Phil, also a church member and very kind man stood up and began speaking about the prospect of being able to provide the manpower, money, etc. to dig wells where there is no clean water to provide clean water.....the straws would be a short term solution....the wells would be a long time solution. Different kinds of pumps, filters, and other ideas were shared as well. There were a lot of other great ideas shared....some in our local community and some in 3rd world countries.....and many of them are things that I am very interested in helping with, but I truly know....without a doubt....that I am suppose to help with whatever it is that Tim and Phil and whoever else do with providing clean water to whomever we can whether it be with straws, wells, or something else. I'm a dreamer, and I know that this is BIG; and I also know that it's not going to happen overnight. It is going to cost $10 billion to provide clean water for the entire world....there are millions, maybe billions, of people dying without clean every 15 seconds as a matter of fact. Towards the end of our meeting, Pastor Ken, our Senior Pastor stood up and spoke. He said that he wants our church to continue to be an outreaching church, he wants serving others to be ingrained in us, he also believes that a church.....should serve the people next door as well as the people across the world. Ken said, there are people in this room, who are feeling led to serve right here in our city or and people who feel led to serve across the world....our church can do both! Then Ken far as money goes (that was part of the discussion as much these things would cost).....DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT! There will be enough.....if it's good and done with the right motives and hearts.....there will be enough money. Ken said that our church received money from outside sources, for some of our ministries, because people....who aren't church members....feel led to give financially to something they believe is making a difference in the lives of others. I'll be coming back to the blog with more details and how you can help provide clean water if you are NUDGED!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The Season Of Lent is officially upon us....Ash Wednesday was yesterday! I know there are lots of folks who don't practice Lent and lots of folks who do! If you don't know much about Lent, then here's the condensed 411 explanation....
You, as a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, are suppose to make a sacrifice on his behalf. In other words, He gave up everything for us; so we in turn are suppose to give up something for Him for the 40 days (not including Sundays) until Easter. Really it can be anything, but I believe it should be something that's really really really challenging to give make more of an that every time you think about, crave, long for, etc. what you gave up; you can think of JESUS and what HE sacrificed for us! This year our church has taken a little bit of a different approach. We are still encouraged to participate in Lent in the traditional.....give up something that hurts.....kinda way and fast and pray, but we are also being encouraged to take something on. We have been reading and studying Rich Stearns' book "The Hole In Our Gospel", and as I've written has been life changing for me and many others. I've been feeling a nudge to do something more....a call if you will....and after I read the book, I knew the call was to do something BIG and BOLD! I've been on my knees many days praying for God to reveal it to me, praying for patience in waiting for the revelation, praying that I will know when it's revealed and follow through. I've been anxious, frustrated, frightened out of my wits, and extremely excited. Back to the concept of taking something on.....the premise of the book is that we are called to help the poor....plain and simple! So our church has put wooden crosses around the campus with pieces of paper nailed to them. The congregation is encouraged to choose 1 or 5 or 10 or 50 or however many pieces of paper we want to. When I was at church for Bible Study today, I read over a few....donate $ to buy a family a goat through World Vision, donate $ to help Weekend Food or Feed Our Kids (a ministry our church has to help under priveleged children have enough food to eat), volunteer at Grace (our local place of relief), there were literally hundreds of pieces of paper; and we have been assured that there are hundreds more when those are gone. I haven't chosen mine yet, but I will soon. I really feel I need to pray about what I need to choose. We had a Lenten workshop for our children last night before our Ash Wednesday service, and Drew and Bryna both chose something off the tree that Pastor Nathan had. Bryna chose to pray for poor, sick, hungry and figure out a way to help those in need. I think she has decided to donate lots of her toys to Grace, so some children who don't have any toys may get the chance to actually have toys....pretty appropriate for a 6 year old. Drew chose to earn $13 and buy a chicken for a family through World Vision which will supply them with food and income through the eggs the chicken lays.....very appropriate for a 9 year old....especially for my 9 year old who has a heart of gold. I told Addi, my soon to be teenager....HELP ME HENRY.....that she would need to pick something from one of the crosses to do....she agreed. It's exciting and be able to help by simply donating money....if you so choose. It baffles me daily on how our world can have so many people dying from starvation.....we have plenty of food, resources, and breaks my heart to know that there is such waste. Don't get me wrong, I'm not placing judgements....believe me....I've done my share of wasting. Reading the book has changed my perspective on so many things....waste is one of them....answering God's call to do something more....something BIG and BOLD is another. I've responded many times to nudges, but I don't think I've ever been nudged so extremely or maybe it's just that I didn't listen enough! Either way, I'm listening.....MY EYES AND EARS AND HEART ARE OPEN!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Project In The Works

My daughter, Addison, who is almost 13 has a project in the works. I am going to help her with it, and we are hoping to raise money for something that is very near and dear to our hearts.....Autism Speaks. She has raised almost $2000 the last two years by simply holding a lemonade stand over a weekend in our front yard. A few years ago, she came to me and said...."I want to have a lemonade stand to raise money for autism!" How could I say NO....and we literally had the first annual Lemonade Extravaganza the next day. She raise over $800....can you believe that? $800! The next year, she again, said "I want to have a lemonade stand, and I want to raise $1000!" You know what, she did! This past Fall, we decided to forgo The Lemonade Extravaganze and do something in the spring. We have put our heads together and after a suggestion she made, I think we have a plan for a fundraising project in the works. I am not going to give you details, but I will give you a hint....every time I think about it....I tear up! I think it is going to be amazing....just like my Addi and her brother Cal....who is the reason she started the fundraising in the first place. When I think about my son, I am finally coming to a place where I don't feel anxious and uncertain more than I feel calm and comfortable. Yes his future is very uncertain....honestly I have no idea what it holds, but I have seen so much progress in my boy that I can't begin to explain it in words. He is a treasure....a pure heart and soul and a treasure! His sisters are treasures too! I am one blessed mama!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Welcome to NOT ME MONDAY hosted by MckMama.....a post about what you absolutely, positively, without a doubt....would NEVER do!

This morning while coming into the living room, I was not greeted by this face!
I immediately did not notice what was on her face and.... her hands.
I did not do what any good mother would do and grab my camera for some photos!
NOT ME! I would never allow my 3 year old to fill herself on Valentine chocolates!

Before I got into the shower but after I applied the magic formula to my hair to wash that gray right outta my hair, I did NOT greet a photography customer at the door.....wearing only a towel covering with my hair all pulled up on top of my head while the magic formula was working.
I did not immediately realize that I had opened the door in such a state and immediately look around the room to see it was a complete mess, and see my 3 year old standing there NOT holding an empty box of candy. I would never do that....good thing that particular customer is my friend.
I did not eat King Cake, straight from Louisiana, for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; and I DID NOT LIKE IT!
I did not realize that 7 children could make such a mess....wait....what am I saying....7 children = mess!
I did NOT laugh out loud in church....not once....but multiple times!
And I absolutely DID NOT enjoy a nice quiet evening eating take out with NPayne for VDay!

The Cousins

NPayne's cousin and her two daughters came to visit this weekend.....all the way from Louisiana! We took photos in the snow, and I got a little carried away with the whimsy. We ate King Cake for breakfast, lunch, and least I did; and we heard "WHO DAT?" a lot! Mostly we had a great time being together.

NPayne's cousin is a breat cancer surivor....
yes that young woman in the picture above had breast cancer!
Breast cancer is not picky.....get a mammogram!
When she was going through chemo and completely bald,
we received a Christmas card from them. It was a picture of her minus hair, with
one daughter on each side.....and it simply said "CELEBRATE LIFE!"
That photo is forever etched in my mind, as well as, in my keepsakes.
We celebrate her life!

Better Late Than Never

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines and Happy 1st Birthday!

I just uploaded some photos of this sweetie. She is celebrating her first birthday tomorrow, and I had the privelege of doing her first photo shoot on Saturday. Since it was SNOWING on was quite muddy and cold outside on Saturday; so we did the photos in my house! I don't actually have a studio YET, but I'm hoping someday to have one just for things like this. Although I have to house worked really well. Check out my beloved church pew shots on the photography blog!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


After school, we played in the snow!
Elliot waiting for her brother and sisters to get home!
Snowball fights!

Snow Angels!

More Snow Angels!

More Snowball Fighting!

Catching snowflakes on your tongue!
You probably aren't looking at my nostrils....well you probably are now that I mentioned them....but do you notice how they look uneven?
Well they are.
The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was....WOW! My nostrils are so uneven, and then I thanked God!
Remember this nostrils have never been the same and neither have I!
It was a good day!

Why You Should Always Wear Gloves In The Snow...

It snowed today.....way down in the snowed. We usually get snow one, maybe two, days out of the year. Today it snowed, and it was beautiful snow....good a big snowman snow. UNFORTUNATELY or FORTUNATELY.....depending on how you look at older 4 children had to go to school. UNFORTUNATELY or FORTUNATELY....depending on how you look at it....our schools have already been closed for tomorrow! This morning, it was just me, Elli, and the two little twin cuties that I watch. We were heading out the carrying one little twin boy at a time to the car....when I told Elli "Wait for me on the porch, and I'll come back to get you!" I take one little boy to the car....get him in and buckled up, then another to the car....get him in and buckled up. I start to head to the porch to get my sweet little girl....and then I see her....lying flat on her back in the middle of the fresh fallen snow in our yard! She was moving her arms and legs as fast as she could to make a snow angel, so I did what any good mother would do, I ran inside and got my camera!!!! I missed the snow angel picture, but I did get the ones below....
There she is right after the snow angel....contemplating her next move!
She's officially decided that she will pick up some snow....NO GLOVE ON HER HANDS....and do something with it!
Then she sees the camera.....and just like a photographer's daughter....she stops to pose....NO GLOVES ON HER HANDS with a big snowball in her hand.
As she begins to throw the snowball.....she poses again....just like the good daughter of a photographer....still NO GLOVES ON HER HANDS!
OH Wait a minute she suddenly thinks....Why are my hands hurting? Then she says, " hand is hurt!" To which I reply, "That's because you have NO GLOVES ON YOUR HANDS!" All the while the two twin cuties are watching out of the car window and smiling and probably wondering.....WHY DOESN'T SHE HAVE GLOVES ON HER HANDS?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feel The Love....I Did!

Last night I was flipping around on the TV and stopped when I came across a show about the Duggar know the Duggars....19 and counting? If you don't, then you must live under a rock....just kidding! Actually I don't "know" the Duggars, but I do "know" of the Duggars. I have watched a few of their shows from time to time, and I'm going to admit I'm fascinated by the fact that they have 19 children...oh and now 1 grandchild. I know having 19 children is not for everyone, but I also know that it is not our place to make judgements on the Duggar family. Truly the main thing I've noticed when I have happened upon one of their shows, besides the fact that they seem extremely organized and everyone's name starts with the letter J, is that their family seems to have lots of love and respect for each other. Now I realize it's TV, and who knows how accurate all of that is; but I have absolutely no reason to doubt that this family just loves each other....not unlike my own family or many other families. Just because they have 19 children doesn't make them love each other any less, and as far as the being's sort of a necessity when you have lots of people in one abode....whether it's 21 people or 7! Anyway as I was saying.....I've seen lots of love on their shows. When I flipped it over last night, it was towards the end of the show. It was a recently taped show, because it was about the birth of their last baby....a girl....Josie Brooklyn....who was born premature at 25 weeks weighing 1 pound 6 ounces. The show interviewed the Duggar parents, it showed footage of the oldest children telling their younger siblings about the birth, it showed the children all trying to get home from another country where they were on a mission trip, it showed the baby, but the last few minutes of that show made a huge impact on me. As the 18 children arrived at the hospital, and their mother was wheeled out in a wheelchair to greet them.....hugs were exchanged, smiles were there, their dad kindly reminded the little ones to be gentle while hugging their mother....who had just had an emergency caesarean.... and....Michelle....their mother wiped away a few of her own tears! Then it showed them by one... file into the NICU without making a sound. Older children holding younger children, they were all there, all 18....not making a sound....completely quiet....they all stood and gazed at their new baby sister. Some began wiping away tears.....some covered their mouths in amazement....but nobody made a sound. The only person who spoke was their father....he said "Isn't she small?" Even though nobody spoke....not even the little could sense the overwhelming LOVE in that NICU room.....the love that those children had for their baby sister, for each other, for their was exuded fully in that moment. I don't know the Duggars, and I probably never will; but what I do know is that their family isn't really all that different than a lot of families when they are facing a struggle. Sure they have 19 children, and that is very different than a lot of families; but right now their family is scared, hopeful, leaning on their faith, and loving each other! If you happen to stumble across that episode, and you have a few the end of it and FEEL THE LOVE.....I DID!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Knew?

Who knew that I was wearing my dress backwards at church on Sunday? Who knew that I colored my girls "nice" black shoes with black sharpie to fill in the scuffs? Who knew that I actually did know who was in The SuperBowl, but I spent the majority of the game visiting with friends and didn't actually know who was winning until the last 3 minutes? Who knew that eating jalapeno dip, corn salsa, jalapeno poppers, and baked beans would cause my stomache to be on FIRE the following morning? Who knew helping my best gal pal pick out cabinets, backsplash, wall color, floor color for her remodel would be such a blast? Who knew that I am thrilled to see the sun come out and am exhausted from so much rain? Who knew that I will be praying for rain in a few short months? Who knew that I am not a fan of McDonalds food but love their play's so clean? Who knew that I have potentially booked 2 weddings and a family reunion to photograph? Who knew that I am so very excited about these bookings? Who knew that I have visions of photo shoots dancing in my head? Who knew that my girl got a ONE in her percussion ensemble and even won a medal? Who knew that my husband rocks? WHO KNEW? Well....I did....except the dress being on backwards part....!

Monday, February 8, 2010

This Is Why I Love Photography

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this last photo with every ounce of my being.....
Not as much as this mother loves her son, but..... may be pretty close!
Being there to capture this emotion was a blessing!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daddy and Daughters

So tonight is our town's annual Daddy/Daughter Dance. It's a big deal in The House of Payne, as well as, in the House of many others in our quaint little town big city. My girls like getting dressed up, and I like getting them dressed up. NPayne actually enjoys dressing up....even though he might not admit it....and taking his 4 girls to the the way....he is looked upon as fortunate by some, having his hands full by some, and just plain crazy by some for bringing 4 daughters to the dance. NPayne views himself as quite fortunate for being able to accompany his 4 daughters to the "Princess Dance" as Elli calls it. I'll have to admit that he does think the dads sporting tuxedos, top hats, and canes are the crazy ones ;) ! Anyhoo....getting my girls dresses and shoes prepared is fun but a little daunting. They all like to coordinate, match, whatever you want to call it. I had already decided that I wasn't going to spend a small fortune on dresses. If I couldn't find something reasonable, we were going to make due with dresses we already had. Same thing with shoes....make due with what we have. Drew and Bryna wanted to wear their black sparkly shoes, so I was thrilled that they still fit. HOWEVER I wasn't thrilled that many of the "black sparklys" had rubbed off.
But I was determined not to buy any shoes....after all these fit fine!
So....I did a little magic with a Sharpie...and VOILA....
Good as new!

Just to make you smile.....
some pictures of NPayne and our 4tunate daughters before the "Princess Dance".