Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wordful Wednesday....Upside Down Talent!

Welcome to Wordful Wednesday....where you post a picture that you just have to talk about....
or in my case....2 pictures! My children are all super talented....they can play piano, drums, soccer, basketball, sing, dance, act and many other super talented things like.....

....hang upside down off of our couch attempting to smile.....while the blood is rushing to their heads and their mama is running to get her camera!

But wait til you get a load of what else they can do.....

....hang upside down off of our couch and make silly faces!!!
GENIUS, if I do say so myself!
Super talented, don't ya think?
By the way, don't try this at home unless you are 12 or under....for your own back, neck, preservation of your body safety! ;)

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In our house, birthdays are a big deal....HUGE....well at least
they are HUGE to me! I can't think of anything more worthy of celebration
than another year of life shared with each other.
On your birthday, the day starts with the honorees breakfast of choice.
In Bryna's case, it's always donuts....chocolate with sprinkles for her.
The breakfast is served on the birthday plate which spins and sings
"Happy Birthday". The plate sits upon my vintage "Happy Birthday" table runner
just because I LOVE IT and don't really have any other opportunity to use it!
Aunt Melinda treated Bryna with a nice birthday cake and a little birthday money!
Thanks Mel!
On your birthday, you also get to choose dinner....it can be something we make or we can go out. Most always the option is to go out, because frankly we just don't go out often.
B chose Chuck E Cheese.....sigh....I can hear the tone of sympathy in your voices; but honest it's okay, really it is! I actually like Chuck E Cheese....well not really the rat mouse but the pizza!
Besides the fact that it is greatly overpriced and cost us an arm and a leg....all because this rat mouse follows kids around scaring them to death waving and posing for pictures with them, I actually like going there when it's not crowded which finding when that is involves great strategizing and planning.
Elliot and Mama....
NPayne should have told me to pull up my shirt a little....
Who knew I was so buxom?
NPayne isn't in any pictures, because he was too busy stuffing his mouth full of pizza and salad taking pictures and frolicking around with the children. As much as I tried to get a picture of him, he refused to pose with his mouth full! Oh well....there's always next time.

Bryna on the dance pad with Chuck E Cheese!

Addi playing Wheel of Fortune!

Drew riding a pony with her newly infamous very fake smile! Maybe I do take too many pictures!

Cal in the climbing structure. Really he was having fun....I know he may look like he's begging to get out, but he was shouting "Hi Mom" and waving to me!
Just how you want to see your children....all caged up! They loved all being up there together.

Here they all are posing with Chuck himself....wait a minute....we're missing Elliot!
Yes....well that's because she's HORRIFIED of the rat mouse!
Back at home, Bryna opened the gifts her sisters had gotten her.
They always buy for each other....their choice....with their own money!
We love Dollar Tree!!
From Addi, she got some smell good spray and lotion.
And she and Drew pitched in together and bought B a wallet.
From Drew, she got some socks and this....whatchamacallit.....it's squishy and glows in the dark and for some reason, which I cannot grasp, my girls LOVE these things!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our lovely girl.
Blow out the candles and make a wish!
She's really good at making wishes!
Happy Birthday B! We love you!
We're having a birthday party with our friends and family this Saturday!!!
It's going to be a dandy time!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Six Years Ago.....The Best Day of 2003!

Today is Bryna Mae's 6th birthday!
Six years ago, we added a beautiful daughter to our family. She was born 4 weeks early and spent 8 very loooooong days in the NICU. She has always been tough from the moment she breathed her first breath and has always been full of hope....hence her name....Bryna which means "hope"! Her middle name was shared by both NPayne's and my grandmothers....Retha Mae and Clara Mae! Although Bryna Mae never knew Granny (NPayne's grandmother) and doesn't remember Mamaw (my grandmother)....she is very much like them as far as her developing faith goes. They were both devout christian women with a firm belief in prayer and Christ. As Bryna grows, I can see that same light shining in her. I love the fact that Bryna was my only baby born with lots of hair who actually kept it and just added to it. It was really really dark for several months and now she is quite blonde!
I love the fact that her nose is unique only to her, and NPayne and I always joke about where that nose came from....it doesn't look like mine or his or anyone else's for that matter; but it's beautiful no matter where it came from.

I love the fact that B has a zest for life, and she just loves to play! She loves to get dirty, dress up, read, draw, craft, just about anything!
I love that she is tough as nails physically but sensitive emotionally.
I love that she will ask me to pray with her....at anytime during the day....just because she feels led to do so. I love that she believes that prayer can help you through anything. I love that she is learning about Jesus and His love for her, and I love that she will ask me all sorts of questions about Him like...."Who is my Heavenly Father...Jesus or God?"
I love that she is overflowing with love, so much so, that it often spills out in a song or dance! I love that she truly cannot contain it at times and has to hug you right at that moment.
I love that she tells me...."I love you so much!" several time a day.
I love that she is my most affectionate child
and constantly wants to hold my hand or sit in my lap.
I love that when I act goofy....which is quite often....she will join right in with me!

I love that she looks just like her daddy!

I love how she loves to play with Elliot and how they love to dress up together.
I love that she adores her brother, and how he adores her.
I love that she is affectionate with him, and he lets her be.

I love that Drew is her best friend, and that she can't sleep in their room if she's not there.
I love that Bryna's side of the room is always a mess while Drew's is neat and tidy, and I love that Bryna will make her bed and although it's far from perfect....she is very proud of it and so is Drew! And I love the look on her face when she says, "Mommy come look at my bed!"

I love that Bryna looks up to her big sister and that she has learned so much from Addi!
I love that they are very much alike and really laid back. I love that they both love a lot and don't worry much about details.....because they figure....it will all work out!

I love that her big brother and sisters chose her name when she was born.

I love that she picks me flowers, draws me pictures, leaves notes under NPayne's pillow!
I love that she loves to help me in the kitchen and with the laundry!
I love that she believes anything is possible!
I love that she believes in wishes and makes them often.
I love that she adores her grandmothers and asks if she can go visit them all the time.
I love that her eyes get really big when she's frightened, and I love that she will cry right along with me if something is sad! I love that she sings her heart out in church and occasionally will do a spin or pirouette while worshipping.
I love that she has always loved sweets....especially chocolate.
I love that she never liked baby food
and was eating hamburgers by the time she was 9 months old.
I love that she is honestly one of the most joyful people I know.
We could all use a dose of Bryna Mae from time to time!

I love that her smile is soooo big that you can barely see her eyes.
I love that as a baby, she NEVER put anything in her mouth, but didn't mind putting things on her head. I love that she talks to herself often, and I love that she will smile really big when she sees me watching her do it. I love that she is confident and even if she's a little uneasy in a new environment, she trusts that all will be fine!

I love that she is overcoming her fears!
I love that she will always try something new....
....and stick with it....even if it's really not that intersting to her.

I love that she is creative, that she still loves "little" girl things, that she wants to be a "big" girl like her sisters, and that she is eager to learn new things. I love that when she gets in trouble at school....it's for dancing!

I love that she knows and really believes that she is a PRINCESS,
because her Father is The King of Kings!
I thank My Dear Lord for Bryna Mae Payne!!
She is truly a blessing to me and a little piece of heaven on earth!
I love that everytime I look at her....I see my heart walking around outside of my body!
I love what she brings out in me.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I was just reading an article written by our Associate Pastor, Cindy. She's great in more ways than I can ever explain, and she is an awesome writer. She was writing about how she's a Facebook Failure.....how she really doesn't want to be on FB, how she really doesn't want certain parts of her life to overlap, how she doesn't need to know minute details about everyone's day, and mainly how she likes to connect with her friends the old fashioned way....face to face (or by text or email..wink wink).....which by the way Cindy, I'm one of the 30 friend requests you have pending. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about FB lately. I am not a total FB failure, but slightly a FB failure. I do have a profile on FB, and I do look at FB every so often, and I do update my status, I do upload cute pictures of my kids, and I do read other people's updates....BUT I don't accept most of the requests and page loads, take most of the quizzes, play Maffia Wars, grow a farm, etc. I am pretty good with joining causes....because I'm all about a cause if it's one I support. As for the other requests, the reason I don't accept them is not because I don't want to, but it's because I just don't have time. I do accept friend requests, but that is getting out of control....honestly....do I really know 218 people? And if I do, can I really communicate with 218 people on a regular basis? Naaaaahhhh....I can't. I get at least 2 friend requests/day, and as of late....I've been ignoring them if I have to ask myself the following question..."Who the heckfire is that?" Well actually I don't usually ignore them, because somehow I feel that would be rude; so they just sit there with all of the other requests to play games, grow farms, etc. NPayne assures me that they won't know if I click on the IGNORE icon, but I am not convinced. I have this vision in my mind that they will receive some email in bold letters with my picture attached that says something like.....REMEMBER HOW YOU REQUESTED HER AS A FRIEND? WELL GUESS WHAT! SHE IGNORED YOU! Anyway I just haven't gotten the nerve up to click on IGNORE just yet, so there they sit waiting for me to be their friend. It's not that I don't want to be their friend, it's just that I have no idea who they are.....even when I look at their picture and even when I look at their info. that says they graduated from my high school the same year I did.....I have no idea who they are! I will admit when I started receiving lots of friend requests from strangers people I don't recognize, I would usually accept it....I assumed we knew each other....why else would they invite me to be their friend? After several of these requests, I stopped accepting; because as I said.....I DON'T KNOW YOU PEOPLE! I think some people just look on other peoples' profiles and invite all of their friends to be friends with them....whew that was a tongue twister....do you get what I'm saying? Anyway I'm stumped.....by the fact that I have 218 FB friends (of which I don't recognize 1/3 of them even though I did go to high school with them), by the fact that I can't bring myself to click IGNORE, by the fact that I actually enjoy reading people's updated status (even if it is what they had for lunch), and by the fact that I find FB so interesting! So if you have sent me a page load, request to play a game or grow a farm.....I will try to get to it some day....BUT if you have sent me a friend request, and I haven't accepted; you're probably going to sit there with all of the rest of the requests....with a "friend pending" statement written beside my blank profile picture....and it's not because I don't want to be your friend....but it's because I have no idea who you are, and I can't help but wonder if you really know who I am!!! Now excuse me while I go accept 2 friend requests!

Where Longhorns Run Free....Or Do Flips In The End Zone....Whatever It Takes!

We live in the South where football season is its own season.
Most everyone I know loves football whether it be pro, college, high school, or a mixture of all of the above.
In our house, Saturdays are designated to LONGHORNS!
Sundays and an occasional Monday (like this Monday coming up) are designated to COWBOYS!
Soon enough, our Fridays will be designated to high school games.
We do love football, and although we haven't seen a 3rd grade or a 5th grade game as of yet....we will be going to watch my best friend, Cynthia's, sons play soon enough! NPayne can't wait to go watch her son, Cole, who plays for THE LONGHORNS....mainly because of this.....
Cole caught a ball and ran it back for a TD!!!! In this picture he was....ahem....a little excited! Yes he chose to do this flip....it wasn't an accidental flip....it was quite intentional! And if you know anything about football....overdoing your celebrating can get you in some trouble....and well, it did! I think he was penalized for flipping, but I say....woohoo Cole! It looks like a 10, on a scale of 1-10, to me!!! Football shmootball....he needs to be a gymnast!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Another conversation with Bryna Mae occured on Tuesday.
I picked her up from school, and she bounced her happy self to the car. When she got into the car, her smile drooped; and she said "Mama, I got a yellow card today!"
I said "Oh you did? Well you have gotten green cards for so many days in a row, so you should be really proud that you have been working so hard to make good choices at school. Just try harder tomorrow. What were you doing today to get a yellow card?" She said...."You can read it in my folder!" Her teacher will write a short note about what the child has done to have his/her color changed that day. So I read it, and it said...."PLAYING IN CENTERS"! I was a little perplexed, because where I teach....mind you it's a preschool of course....that's what you do in centers is play! But then I started thinking about when I taught kindergarten a gazillion years ago, and how the centers were more of a structured learning environment; so I understood maybe why she kinda got her color changed sorta. So I continued our conversation with...."So B, it says you were playing in centers!" She immediately and very defensively replied with...."Oh no I wasn't. I was dancing!" Oh well that's a whole different story.....because of course dancing in a structured learning environment is never disruptive and completely acceptable! ;)
She then said...."I couldn't help it, it was an accident!" And then my heart sank a little, and I felt badly for her....not because she got her color changed....but because I KNOW that sometimes she really can't help it! Bryna is one of the most joyful people you will ever meet, and she lets her joy shine through by singing and dancing. She does it constantly....I mean constantly! I often hear her in the backseat of the car singing to Elli about her day....something like this...."Oh Elli, I had the best day today....playing with my friends....and I had a cookie in my lunch box"....imagine that in a singing voice, and you pretty much have Bryna. It made me sad for her that she got in trouble for just being her, but I've said it all along....sometimes school can be stiffling....especially when kids are young. Now don't get me wrong, I certainly understand why she had to change her color card....well sorta...but anyway the point is that this girl has gotta dance....she just can't help it. Maybe I should be better about reigning her in when she breaks into a song or dance, but honestly I really enjoy it....most of the time....and I really never thought about it getting her in trouble. Who knew? The other night while Drew and I were at our retreat, NPayne let Bryna sleep with him.....now you have to understand that this is a real treat for any child in our house, because well frankly NPayne and I are stingy with our bed....it's ours, and we don't particularly like sharing it with anyone but each other while we're sleeping. We do let our kids come in and hang out and read or watch TV or talk with us on our bed, but when it comes to bedtime and sleep....we boot them on out to their own comfy beds. On this particular night, Drew wasn't home; and Bryna has a really hard time sleeeping in their room without her roommate.....so NPayne caved and let her sleep with him. He told me that before they went to sleep, she said....."Daddy if I sing and dance in my sleep, just ignore it." He said, "Do you do that often?" And she replied with...."Yes I can feel myself singing and dancing while I'm sleeping." Talking about letting music move you....apparently it moves her even while she's sleeping....see I told you she can't help it....she even dreams in song and dance! I love that my girl loves to sing and dance, and honestly if she gets another color change for dancing in centers.....I think it might make me smile!

COSTUME OR NOT.....this girl has GOTTA DANCE!!!