Sunday, July 29, 2012


Been working my fingers to the hand hurts from so much photo editing!  I've been getting very little sleep, I've been eating very little, and I'm pooped!  I'm ready for my vacation, but I am NOT ready for summer to end.  I don't want school to start!  I don't!  I don't!  I don't!  Now I'm finished with complaining....thanks for listening!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Going on a road trip.....all seven of us.  We are all very excited to get away from it all, sleep in a hotel (a nice one), do some sight seeing, eat out at every meal; but mostly just to be together!  Last Christmas, you may remember we returned home on Christmas Eve and discovered an anonymous gift on our front porch.  When opened, there was a game and a puzzle and 5 $100 Visa debit for each child.  I really wanted to do something special with that money....not just blow it.  I wanted the kids to get to do something we NEVER do, so we are going on a road trip....sleeping in a nice hotel, doing some sight seeing, eating out at every meal!  Those are the things we NEVER do.  Being together....well we do that often....but we never get tired of it! I'll give you all the exciting details about the road trip when we return!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Sneak Peek-Bridals

One of my many favorites from yesterday's bridal shoot.  Mother/daughter....blowing a kiss and catching it!

I worked on my new photography website a lot this weekend, and photographed a wedding and did bridals.  Heading out to shoot some cute littles.....needless to say, it's BUSY!  I love photography!  It feeds every need of my creativity!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


haven't been sleeping
had to go in to my "real" job today
am looking forward to the weekend
planning on going to a flea market tomorrow or Saturday
photographing a wedding tomorrow night
photographing bridals on Sunday
still need to finish my photography blog
cleaned most of the house yesterday
is sore from cleaning and clearing out yesterday
wants an elliptical
is ready to start the remodel...tons of ideas in my head
taking my kids swimming today
would rather be with my 6 favorite people than anyone else
wish we had more time together
has been very emotional
would love to have some flowers out front
needs to find a way to clean Cal's room
misses my husband

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm not always a big fan of choices when it comes to making them myself, but I am a big fan of choices when I give them to someone else to make....that is unless they don't make them or make ones I don't like!  ;)   I have some choices, soul searching, decisions to make.  It would be nice if I had someone to discuss these with....oh wait....there's my Heavenly Father.  I know He will listen and give me good advice....if only I will listen! Praying for wisdom!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm That Mom

I'm that mom that gets up early enough to make a cup of coffee, but then still wears her pjs to drop my kids off at school.
I'm that mom that totally and completely trusts my kids to make their own breakfast in the morning, so
I can sleep a little later  teach them to be responsible.
I'm that mom that can be completely dressed to head out the door for the day in 20 minutes total....which includes a shower, shaving her legs, makeup and getting dressed.
I'm that mom that would rather spend the first hour of the morning sitting around in my pjs reading my devotionals, sipping my coffee, checking my email, and catching up on facebook.
I'm that mom that makes my kids do their homework right when they get home....actually after a we can move on to the fun stuff.
I'm that mom that is firm, believes in and tries to carry out natural consequences...good or not so good!
I'm that mom that thinks all kids should be exposed to the Arts!
I'm that mom that wishes she would have home schooled a long time ago.
I'm that mom that would rather have her kids at home than have them out and about.
I'm that mom that would have had 5 more babies had that been part of the plan.
I'm that mom that has made a lot of mistakes and is trying to learn from them instead of dwell on them.
I'm that mom that wishes I didn't have to work outside the home, so I could work more inside the home.
I'm that mom that is blessed more than I could have ever imagined I would be!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm So Excited!

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it! 
Why you may wonder am I so excited....well I was gone all day yesterday, and while I was gone....this came in the mail!

My rockin' husband NPayne ordered this for Canon 5D Mark II, and I am ecstatic.  The best part about this is....we were able to pay cash for it.  Now I'm not even kidding when I say a version of this camera can possibly cost more than my entire wedding cost.  This particular camera did not, because it's refurbished; but some of the brand spankin' new ones sure do.  This one was still a pretty penny and cost more than one month's mortgage payment, electric and gas bills combined.  Next I'm working hard to save for the ultimate lens that I's only about the cost of our mortgage problem, right?  Ha! 

Also on Friday, I bought some new editing software; and I am in LOVE with it.  I edited this photo of my beautiful Bryna Mae with it.  
This one will hang on my newly decorated remember the one?  
Someday I will be a full time photographer, but I'm going to actually have to start charging more to make that a reality!  Anyway, I'm still excited!