Sunday, August 30, 2009


Who is the cutest hula girl that I've ever seen????

You Are!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

One Cup of Patience Please!!!!

Someone told me once that if you pray for patience, God will give you more things to test your patience!!!!! Do you believe that's true? Sometimes I do find myself asking Him.....ahem.....Hello God, what's going on here? I need more patience....not more things to be patient about!! It just goes to show that God does have a sense of humor!!!
One of my favorite sayings is.....Dear Lord, grant me the patience to endure my blessings!!!!
She is definitely a blessing and this week she has definitely been TESTING MY PATIENCE!!!
I know....I know you are wondering how someone so stinkin' cute could be testing my patience? Let me tell ya in a nutshell equation....1 very excited kindergartener + 1 first week of school + getting up super early + having a hard time winding down at night = 1 cranky 5 year old which = 1 irritated 42 year old!!!
Are ya following me here? By Wednesday, she was crashing and burning!!!
This girl needs a nap! In fact a nap will do us both some good, so tomorrow....we are going to take one together....snuggled up in my bed....arm in I can endure my blessing that is testing my patience!!!
PATIENCE.... noun: the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation or the like.
ENDURE.... verb: to bear without resistance or with patience.
BLESSING.... noun: a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness.

It's Been Handled

Remember my previous post about the PE teacher? It's been handled!!!
Hopefully all will be good!!!

Another Year....Another PE Teacher!!!

Got a message last night from one of Cal's friends mothers.....
It read something like this.....
M got into the car today and was very upset because the new PE teacher had been yelling at Cal. It upsets Cal. She then said she didn't know if he was suppose to be that forceful with Cal or not, but it was really upsetting her child because it seemed to be upsetting my child. I responded to her and thanked her dearly for emailing me this information, because quite frankly....Cal can't always verbalize those things to us. I immediately sent his classroom teacher, his special ed. teacher and his principals an email explaining what I had been told and explaining that a teacher yelling was NEVER appropriate with Cal or frankly with any my opinion! We had some issues, in past years, with his former PE teacher; and the way he was disciplined and even graded during PE for not participating in something! For example, his former PE teacher was insistent that he jump rope. But after explaining to her that he is truly fearful of a jump rope and is a child who really needs to stay grounded for his own vestibular and sensory sensitivities, she agreed that he could skip jumping rope. After it being addressed, it was certainly handled and taken care of appropriately. The teacher probably didn't like us after that, but she did start treating Cal with more respect; and honestly I am not interested in being her if she doesn't like me, that's okay. I have always approached these types of problems in a kind and respectful but very firm and direct way, and so far; things have been handled appropriately and the teachers seem to be okay with it. Now I know they could just give him an A to keep us off his back, and they might. I have always been concerned that their irritation with me and my requests for my son would not only affect him but also his sisters, but so far; this hasn't seemed to be the case. I have discovered that many of the teachers that aren't real familiar with special needs children.....especially those who look like typical children....just don't understand it! As long as they try to, then I'm okay with it. But if they choose not to, then not so much! I have only had to get really firm in an ARD once or twice, but for the most part....everyone has been very eager to listen and help. After I sent the email late last night, I almost immediately received a reply from our principal who said she would certainly check this situation out, handle it, and send me a reply as to what has occured. Over the years with Cal, I have gone from being so passive and really not understanding how the system works to being more aggressive (in a nice way) and figuring out how the system works. It's all in the name of what's best for my child/children, and I don't want special treatment.....just respect and appropriate treatment. Is that too much to ask? I already know what your answer is going to be.....thanks for your support friends!!!


I've decided....although I really don't like it....that life can be hard....really hard....sometimes a lot harder than other times....and sometimes a lot harder for some people than others....but nonetheless it can be hard!
I've been praying for a friend who just went through a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy.
I've been praying for a little boy, who was in my class last year and that I simply ADORE, and his family. Both of his parents are in very poor health.
I've been praying for my friends and myself who have children starting a new school year and who are or whose children are having a difficult time.
I've been praying a prayer of thanks for finding the little girl who was lost yesterday for 40 minutes while we searched frantically for her.
I've just started praying for a good friend of mine's sweet young teenage nephew who was burned all over his body by an exploding rocket.....I just got off the phone with her, and thank GOD he can still hear and see; but the burns are serious....he's in critical condition. He and his friend's daughter were helpers to my son, Cal, during our VBS year before last; and he is an awesome kid!
I've been praying for our friends who moved to a small community this summer.
I've been praying for 5 year old Kate McRae who has a brain tumor.
I've been praying for my friend Leslie who is still recovering from a stroke and grieving for the loss of her sons!
I've been praying for my friend, Donna, whose son was lost in Iraq.
I've been praying for my friend, Lisa's brother, who is in Afghanistan.
I've been praying for my friend who so desperately wants another child.
I've been praying for my mother. I've been praying for my cousin who is an alcoholic.
I've been praying prayers of thanksgiving and praise.
I've been praying.....
And I'll keep praying.....
Although the decisions may have been made....whether favorable or not in our eyes....God uses all things for good and to strengthen us. I do truly believe that with all my heart, and I have witnessed it through many that I've been praying for.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rise and Shine

Each morning, I go in and wake Elliot up.....
I know....I know....I am so fortunate to have to wake my toddler up
and not to have her waking me up!!!
And yes my almost 3 year old still sleeps in her crib.....she sleeps so fabulously well in her crib still, and she's not yet too big for it, and she has never tried to climb out of it....hence the reason I have to wake her up....AND hence the reason she still sleeps in her crib!!!
Unfortunately or fortunately.....depending on who you're asking.....we will start to put her in her big bed soon, BUT as I said.....she sleeps so well at night and during nap in her crib that we are not rushing that. Back on task to the topic at hand.....each morning I go in and wake her up with a singing voice....I sing a multitude of different songs to her, but these are a few of her favorites!!!! So go ahead and get your singing voices on and sing with me, or you can hum if you're not comfortable with singing to your computer!!! we go!!!!
Good Morning..... Good Morning....
It's going to be a great day!!!
Good Morning.....Good Morning To YOU!!!
And one of her other favorites.....again get your singing voices ready!!!!!
Rise and shine and....give God the glory glory!
Rise and shine and....give God the glory glory!
Rise and shine and....
Give God the glory glory....
Children of the Lord!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Forgive and Forget

I was reading an email from one of my dear friends tonight about her son and kindergarten. She was talking about how he was having a little bit of a hard time adjusting and making friends. It took me back to a day many many years ago when my now 7th grader, Addi, was in kindergarten. I use to pick Callahan up from his special ed. class each day around 11:15. I would circle around the back of the school, so I could drive by the playground; because Addi had recess at that time. I would drive really slowly, so I could spot her and then just watch her play for a minute. It would truly brighten my day!!! One particular day, I was driving really slowly and spotted her talking to 2 other little girls. I watched the other little girls' body language, and I could tell the conversation wasn't a kind one. As they ran off together, I watched Addi's shoulders slump....her head hang low....and her little body go sit all alone on the railroad ties which surround the playground. I stared at her face as I drove by, and it was the saddest I had ever seen it.....she wasn't crying, but the look on her face literally took my breath away; and I could feel my heart breaking. I immediately started sobbing in my car as I drove the rest of the way home. I was so hurt, confused and angry for her....why did they hurt her feelings like that? I cried every time I thought about her for the rest of the afternoon, and I continually rehearsed everything I was going to say to her to make her feel better when I picked her up. When she got in the car that afternoon, she was smiling her usual sweet smile; and I asked her the usual...."How was your day?" She cheerily said "Fine!" I asked her a few other leading questions hoping she would volunteer what happened on the playground, but she didn't. After a few minutes of probing, I decided not to bring it up and have her revisit whatever hurtful things were said to her. When we got home, we read books and talked about how to be a good friend and how kindness is contagious!!! She never did tell me what happened that day on the playground, and I never did ask her. Kids are so forgiving!!!! I wish we were all that way. What was one of the saddest moments in my life as a mother was just another day to Addison.....another day to forgive and forget!!!

A couple of ibuprofen and off you go.....

7th Grade....Here I hobble come! Addi put her best foot forward.....literally..... and hobbled off to school!!
I gave her 2 Ibuprofen and sent her on her way....much to her chagrin!!!
NPayne carried her supplies....because of course the injury has to occur when she has about 75 pounds of stuff to haul to school!!!!
He drove her to school, walked her in, set her up with some office assistance to help her transfer from class to class, the office set her up with....get this....are you ready for this....the key to the elevator! Yes ma'am....they have an elevator in her middle school. In fact, she's not even allowed to use the stairs for safety reasons!!!! Who knew???!!! Now that's what I'm talkin' about....fancy smancy school we have.... ;)
She was a little mopey last night about having to go to school on crutches,
and I felt badly for her.
Then I remembered something....I had crutches in 7th grade as well....and honestly it stunk, but you do what you gotta do!!! I survived and even WITHOUT an elevator!!! She did survive today, and she will tomorrow....despite the very sore arm pits, hands, and let's not forget ankle!! She didn't mope tonight, because she knows she's gotta do what she's gotta do; but it still stinks!!! I'll set her up with 2 Ibuprofen and send her hobbling on her way again!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School 2009!!!

As promised, my 2nd post for today; because well....I am....ahem LOYAL and SOLID as determined by the personality test I took at work today. More to come on that later!!!
So here are the "It's my first day of school, and I can't wait to go" pictures!!!
Bryna Mae who started kindergarten!!!!
Conversation when I picked her up went something like this.....
Me: How was your first day of kindergarten?
B: It was great! We did everything!
Me: Did you give Mrs. Step a hug?
B: Yes, and she gave hugs back!
But....there was one little girl, Elizabeth, and she was bad!
She almost got a color change!
Me: Oh B....let's not call anyone "bad".
Maybe she was making some bad choices, because she was nervous or not sure of the school expectations yet.
B: Okay mom..... I made a friend!
Me: You did (very excitedly)? Who?
Me: Argh!!!!! (under my breath)
B: I also made a new friend who was a boy and his name starts with an S, he's very nice!
Me: Well good!! Just remember to be kind and be a nice friend! (in hopes that it will rub off on Elizabeth and not visa versa)!
B: Okay mom!
Drew who is in 3rd grade. Our conversation went something like this....
Me: Hi Drew, how was your first day of 3rd grade?
Drew: Great!! I made a new friend named Leah!
Me: Is she in your class?
Drew: No she's in Mrs. Hall's class, but at recess; Mrs. Foster brought her over to
us and said...."You are some of the nicest girls I know, would you show Leah some fun stuff to do at recess?"
Me: You're are always good at being kind and including everyone!
Drew: Oh and Mrs. Foster told us that there's one thing we need to know about her....she loves to sing, so when she called my group to the table....she sang it....."Group 1 come to the table"(in a singing voice)!
Callahan going to 5th grade!!!! Our conversation went something like this.....
Me: Cal did you have a nice first day in 5th grade?
Cal: Yes mom
Me: Did you see your friends?
Cal: Yes mom
Me: Did you like your teacher?
Cal: Yes mom
Well I guess you can figure out how the rest of our conversation went, so I'll end it there!
By the way, excuse that ugly blue tape that it's at the bottom of my very rustic and distressed front door.....that was our make shift way of insulating the front door until NPayne can get to the weather stripping!!!! He's handy like that you know!
This is the three of them and NPayne driving to school.....wait a minute.....aren't you missing one? Perhaps an adorable 7th grader????
Oh you mean her???? Well yes, I was missing one in the car this morning as I waved farewell to my buttercups!!!! Remember my previous post about the crazy, chaotic, unexpected turn of events from yesterday? Well she has a lot to do with well as....
....her ankle....and the terrible fall she had last night while at her youth back to school swimming party!!!! So due to that injury, she did not make it to her first day of 7th grade today but instead spent her morning being xrayed, elevated, iced, etc. Fortunately she does NOT have a broken ankle, but she does have a severe sprain.....complete with swelling and a whole lot of pain!!! Crutches will be coming later today, and thank goodness her middle school has an elevator; since some of her classes are on the 2nd floor this year!!!! I'm hoping her first day of school will be tomorrow, but we'll have to wait and see!!!

It Was The Day Before Kindergarten....and all through the church....

Okay so let me start this post by saying.....I did not get to post yesterday due to a crazy, chaotic, busy, unexpected turn of events!!! Sorry to those who were expecting me to stay true to my promise to post every day! So with that being said, I'm a day behind....maybe 2 posts today....hmmm....we'll see!!!
Bryna Mae started kindergarten today....yes siree Bob she did, and I can't believe it! I just can't....I refuse....I won't do it....what? She has already gone one day? Well okay, I guess I'll have to adjust; but I'm dragging my feet every step of the way! So yesterday, at church, we have this wonderful event called Kindergarten Dedication!!! Our children's pastor, Mr. Nathan, and our senior pastor, Ken, say a prayer over each child who is entering kindergarten. Then Ken says a prayer for all of us parents, who are dragging their feet, encouraging and praying for them to have a great year!!
Prior to the actual dedication which is held during the church service, we host a brunch for all of the kindergartners and their families. At the brunch, each child gets to choose a you can see, B chose The Kissing Hand. I LOVE this book with all of my heart, and B does too. She definitely took my kiss to school with her today, and I took hers with me to work. They also make a card to take to their teacher for the first day of school!!! It's simply a fabulous morning!!
Here is B sitting in the pew waiting for the service to begin. What's that she's holding you might ask???? Well it's a sweet little willow tree angel that my best gal pal, Cynthia, gave her for such a grand day in the life of my precious girl.

Loving on my girl at the brunch!!!
Posing with her knight in shining armor....her daddy!!
I can't believe 4 of my 5 children are old enough to attend school.....where does the time go? In 3 years, when Elliot starts kindergarten, I'm going to need some serious hand holding and maybe a good stiff drink....even though I don't drink good stiff drinks!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Adventure.....REVEALED!!!!

Remember this picture? Remember how I said I was starting a "new" adventure, but it wasn't really a "new" adventure; because it was an adventure I had been on before? Remember how I said this adventure had a twist? Are you confused yet? Are you ready to know what the "new" adventure that is not really a "new" adventure but is actually an "old" adventure with a twist is? Need another clue???
These two little guys are related.....not to me but to each other!!! They are definitely something I have mentioned before!!!! Anyone remember something I have envied and have mentioned, on my blog, envying quite often?
One has brown eyes and brown hair!
One has blue eyes and blonde hair!

Here's the revelation of the "new" adventure and a revelation that occured in my life....both happen to be related....much like the little guys above.

A few months ago in my Bible Study, a dear friend of mine asked for prayers for her sister. She said her sister was having a horrible experience with the daycare that her 3 little boys were in. They had been injured a few times, they were not being treated appropriately for their age, and many other things. My friend's sister who happens to be a teacher was one stressed out MAMA!! This weighed heavy on my heart and that night I started praying for my friend's sister and her family.
It weighed heavy on my heart, because I could relate....It took me back to a time when I had just become a mother and was going back to teaching....Addison was about 6 months old when school was set to start up again. NPayne and I had chosen a childcare facility for her, we had paid our deposit to hold her spot, I had signed my teaching contract; and we were in no financial shape for me to quit working. On a whim one day, about a week before my school year began, he said something like.....Why don't we go up to the childcare facility and just make sure everything is good to go for our precious baby? I said something like.....okay! So off we went! When we went into the childcare facility, everything looked as it did when we had visited several months before....all was well....or so we thought. We were escorted back to the infant room to get any questions we had answered by the caregiver. Much to our horror, the answers we were expecting were not the answers we were given. She told us how they leave the infants strapped in their infant carseat sitting in a crib ALL DAY LONG! This was to avoid them getting in the way of the "infants" who were mobile....she explained. I remember vividly the look on NPayne's face as he listened to her and then asked the following question....."You mean to tell me that our baby will only be taken out of that seat for feedings and changings?" And the caregiver nonchalantly said "YES" if that was a perfectly acceptable answer. I stared at Addison's chubby little face and big blue eyes.....looking at me with all the trust and innocence a newborn baby has, and I was horrified and speechless!!!! I didn't have words. NPayne didn't say anything else, and we walked out of that facility and never looked back. Before we were to the car, he said...."You have to quit your job!" I told him I couldn't quit my job....I had already signed a contract and school started in less than one week, AND we couldn't afford that at this time. Long story short....we frantically searched and did find another facility, which cost twice as much, but one where we felt so much better about leaving the most precious gift we had ever been given.
As I thought about this mother and her 3 little boys, that I had been praying for, and remembered the feelings I had so long ago, I kept feeling a tug at my heart! With each day, it kept getting stronger; so I started asking women that I worked with at the preschool if any of them would be interested in watching these boys. I started asking around to see if I could find someone, that I would trust my own children with, to care for these little boys. One night while I was lying in bed came to me.....actually I know now that God spoke to me, and the realization of what He was telling me was....well actually.....quite confusing. I remember saying out loud to Him...."You want me to keep these little boys?? REALLY??" At first I kept trying to dismiss that idea, because I was going to work at the preschool; and I have 5 children with field trips and after school activities and practices and I go to Bible Study every Thursday morning, and my life is busy. This couldn't be what I was being led to do, but I couldn't deny the feeling of calm every time I thought about it. So I knew that is what He was telling me to do. SO......I spoke to my friend about it.....I pitched her my idea....they could stay with me 4 days/week and go to the preschool on the day that I worked there. They could come with me and Elliot to church, on Thursdays, when I do Bible Study, and we could have playdates with friends. If I wanted or needed to go on a field trip or have a meeting, perhaps my friend could fill in on those days and watch the boys.....I mean they do already know her.....she is their aunt after all and quite a doting aunt I might add, so I knew they would feel very comfortable staying with her for a day if needed. Needless to say....after a few phone calls, some meetings and a few playdates this summer....those little boys are staying with Elliot and me. Now you might have noticed that there are only 2 in the picture, and I said there were 3 brothers. You also might have noticed that I mentioned there was something about them that I envied....well this is where the twist part comes in. You see this is an "old" adventure, because I've kept children in my home time a 4 year old boy and one time our neighbor across the street (after school and on school holidays) when she and Addi were in 2nd grade; BUT..... I have never kept more than one at a time, and I have never had the wonderful privelege of keeping TWINS!!!!!! YEA!!!!! If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I have serious TWIN ENVY!!!! I have always wanted a set of twins.....NPayne......not so much....the thought of twins overwhelms him, so you see this is like the best of both worlds.....I get to have TWINS with me during the day, but NPayne doesn't have to concern himself with feeding, diapering, housing or educating them.....of course the downfall to this for me is that I don't get to keep them and I do, in fact, have to give them back every afternoon!!!! As for the twins' brother, well he just turned 5 years old and although he's not going to kindergarten....he is going to a pre-kindergarten. The twins will be 2 on August 31, so they are nearly 1 year younger than Elliot. They spent their first week here last week when their mommy had to go back to school for training! Since my children hadn't started school yet, they had the pleasure of hanging with the boys as well; and they LOVED every minute of was so great to see the girls play with and nurture these little guys; and it was truly life changing for me to see my son interact with these little boys.....I guess you could say my children have twin envy as well.
This post is dedicated to my avid blog follower.....Katie and my sort of avid blog follower Chris....Katie, I didn't know you read my blog every day; and Chris, I didn't know you read my blog almost every day!!! I'm going to have to make sure and try to post something every day for your pure enjoyment. ;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Adventure CLUE my previous post, I mentioned I was taking on a "new"'s not selling Mary Kay (good guess Alicia....I actually love Mary Kay); and it's not preparing for the 5K although I am about to start doing that (another good guess Elyse). Actually my "new" adventure is not a completely "new" adventure, because it's an adventure that I have done before.....this time though, it's an adventure with a twist!
Need a clue? Here ya go!
Any "new" guesses on my not completely "new" adventure???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Adventure....

I have embarked on a somewhat "new" adventure!!!!
That's it!!!! That's all I'm going to say for now!!!!
You will just have to be patient and wait for more information!!!!
It's coming!!!
Any guesses????

Monday, August 17, 2009


Staycation - Day Four involved camping with A LOT of friends! We went to a Father/Child campout hosted by our church! Moms were invited out to eat grilled hotdogs and watch fireworks, but only dads actually camped; since it was a FATHER/CHILD campout and all. By the way, my hotdog came complete with grilled onions....since NPayne was in charge of the food....he's so good to me!!
Did I mention they were camping on the lake?

Herds of people getting ready for their grilled hotdog, hot link, or hot braut!
You will notice that the only child, of mine, in any of these pictures is Elli! That is because....well honestly....I couldn't get the other 4 to slow down long enough for me to take their picture! They were here, there and everywhere!
Oh wait a minute....there is another one of my children. Bryna Mae is on the end there looking a little like she's already camped out and enjoying a hotdog!
As the sun set, some of the kids were flying a kite. Elliot sat down with her buddies Eli and Bowe....who happen to be take in the kite flying scenery.
We ended Day Four with fireworks.....the light up the sky well as the little flirty kind that were occuring between my 2 year old and her "Bowe"!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


For day three of our Staycation, let's play a little guessing game to start. I'll give you some clues, and you guess where we went. Let's start with this picture of Callahan......doesn't he look excited (wink wink)? Really he was! Where do you think we were? Anyone? Anyone??
Another picture clue....good guess, but No we didn't ride this train.
Cal sure enjoyed looking at it though.

You're getting warmer....
Another clue? Okay....remember how much this little boy LOVES certain modes of transportation? you're really warm....
GOOD JOB!!!! You guessed it!!!! We rode the train!
We didn't ride the touristy type of train that I talked about in this post!
But instead we rode the commuter train....from one city to downtown of another!
Elliot really enjoyed it. This was her first, but definitely not her last, train ride!
Looking out the window.....they couldn't believe how fast we were going!
How fast do you think we were going?
89 MPH....that's how fast we were going!
The big girls and I played cards on the train.....Spoons anyone?
Then we got off the train to catch a connecting train!!!
While NPayne was doing this....
....we were doing this.....
....and this....
....and then we went inside the train station and did a little of this....
Who were they calling? I don't know....maybe each other??? Maybe NPayne....Dad, did you get the tickets yet?
Then we got off the train, walked for a while, got really really hot, and decided to go in here!!!
We enjoyed some cool drinks, lots of yummy appetizers all to the tune of some rockin' 80's music!! I was singing and eating.....doesn't get much better than that!
Flauta anyone???
How about some chips and salsa? Anyone?
Then cutie patootie started to get a little restless, so after we finished our meal.....she and I waited outside while NPayne and the others paid the bill.
While we were waiting for them to come outside, she and I were shakin' our groove thing to some Michael Jackson and Thriller.....
....then we were Walking Like An Egyptian!!
On the way back to the train station, we made another pit stop.....
Wanna guess where? Need a clue? Okay....'re brilliant! We stopped at our local western see where we live, we have many local western stores!!! This one was called Wild Bill's! I found the boots of my dreams....and they were only $499....ahem....NPayne....what do you think? That's what I think too, so there the boots of my dreams remain!
NPayne didn't buy this hat....he just tried it on for the pure entertaiment of our children. He does make a pretty handsome cowboy, don't ya think?
However we didn't all walk away empty handed! Drew bought this cute little sings Crazy 4 You by Patsy Cline, so guess what she named the pony? WOW you're more brilliant than I thought.....yes she named it Patsy!
B bought herself an armadillo.....why you may ask did she choose an armadillo? I'm afraid I'm still asking myself that same question....anyhoo....she named hers Dillon!
Elliot didn't buy herself anything, but we bought her this cute little sparkly pink pony. Guess what she named it???? appropriate!
We finished off the day with a train ride home and some really happy children....especially a really happy little boy!