Thursday, December 26, 2013

Today Is My Birthday!

Another year has passed and a lot has happened....some good, some not so good; but I am grateful for everything. Through trials of this past year, I have learned so much and gained so much as well. Through the not so good times, some relationships have been forever damaged; but I've made so many wonderful relationships and many of my existing relationships have grown so much deeper. And that has been amazingly good. There are some very daunting yet exciting things that God is leading me to, and without some of the changes that have occurred; I don't think I would have been given this opportunity or maybe I wouldn't have been so open to listening. Either way, I'm so thankful that He is trusting me with His thankful! This past year has definitely brought about a new perspective for me. I've realized that the negative things have emphasized what is important in life and some of the things that have happened, although painful, were definitely for the best. God brings good from every situation, and I have seen a lot of bad...really bad; but the good has been worth the suffering. It has changed my perspective on many things but especially on what I focus on. The bad things that have happened are a blip in the grand scheme of things, and are small compared to so many other problems people face. It doesn't mean it hasn't been hurtful and hard, but it means that it's by no means the hardest thing I will ever endure; and spending time fretting over things I have no control over is a waste of my precious time. Our time on earth is a blink, and I am choosing to spend mine in gratitude and love. Happiness is a choice and circumstances can delegate that emotion, and after much prayer and soul searching I have chosen happiness. Joy is found in our God, and He has been faithful in providing so much joy for me! I am so grateful for this past year and how present God is in my life. I have recently learned I may be facing some more trials, but I am confident God will be with me every step of the way. I am His daughter, and He wants nothing but the best for me! I praise Him and thank Him for showing me the way and will always praise sunshine and in storms! AMEN!

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