Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm Quirky and Proud Of It....Sort Of!

I have a lot of issues, quirks, habits, obsessions, whatever you want to call them.  From not being able to go barefoot to silently counting the number of letters in sentences and needing them to always end with an even number of letters.  There are so many things, that I dare not bore you, by listing them all here.  I use to think I was a complete nut, and then I read Jen Hatmaker's blog post about this very thing.  Reading her "issues" made me giggle, but reading the blog comments made me feel much less nutty.  There are some quirky people in the world.  :)  Some of my quirks are things that literally drive me into a silent frenzy....fortunately I am old enough now to know to just leave the room to regroup or try to deal with it.  Some of my quirks just bring me a sense of comfort.  Some of my quirks are because I'm on the spectrum somewhere....aren't we all?  Learning about so many other quirky people has certainly helped me in embracing my weird idiosyncrasies.  Thank goodness for honest people!!

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