Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Tired of People

I have been so let down by people's choices over the last year, and honestly I'm just kinda tired of people in general.  Typically I love being around people, really enjoy socializing and spending time with them; but lately I would like a reprieve from people.  People have hurt me and my family, and it has been hard.  Through it, I have leaned firmly on God...pressing in as much as possible.  He is guiding me and is answering my prayers, just not necessarily in the way I thought He should.  But as things unfold, I see that He actually does know what He's doing....go figure.  I mean He is THE ALL KNOWING GOD OF THE UNIVERSE....MY CREATOR...of course He knows what's best. I have seen that many things, I don't understand, were allowed by Him to protect me from someone, some relationship, some situation or something.  There were a few times when I felt my trust waiver, and I wanted to be in complete control; but then I quickly realized that I really don't want to be in complete control.  Being in complete control is much harder and too much work for me, so God....have at it.  I will give 100% in obedience and trust.  Of course I will fail, because I am human; but I will give it my all.  And honestly I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that He's got this, and He definitely does!

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