Tuesday, August 9, 2016

School/Home School

As summer is quickly coming to a close, I am sad and excited.  Things are changing in our house physically and otherwise.  I will have at least one child at home with me for schooling this year, and I'm thrilled; but I'm also a tad nervous.  I want to make sure our time together is valuable.  She is excited about it, and I am too.  However as I've been searching for things that she is interested in learning (which don't necessarily involve academics or curriculum), I'm discovering that most classes and teachers still only offer times that are typically "after school hours".  I was kind of hoping to find the knitting class, art class, cooking class, etc. that were offered during school hours; but no luck yet.  Part of the lure of homeschooling is not using weekends for extra things, but preserving weekends for adventures and family.  As more and more people turn to homeschooling, I hope some of these things will become available.  For now, we will pick and choose a few and go from there.  I have another, who is contemplating, homeschooling this year.  I pray that whatever her decision, it will be best for her. As the school year approaches, I am excited about being actively involved in my kids' learning.  This is gonna be a good year!

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Aspiring Mom2three said...

I'm so excited for you this year. It will be exciting, some frustrating, lots of learning and adventure. It's about learning the bend of your child and what educationally really works for them. Don't be afraid to change direction if something isn't working after a really good attempt. Homeschooling was a great experience for our family and it was trying at times. Having a child with ADHD and OCD pushed me to my limits and I cried a lot over that child. I pray that this pulls you two closer and secures a deeper bond that sashays into a deep friendship, as I have found with our daughter. I can hardly wait to hear more of your journey this year and the lesson you learn! Net