Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Married Again

NPayne and I renewed our wedding vows this past Saturday.  We've been married for 20 years....I am not sure how that happened, since I'm only 35; but.....   It was a wonderful afternoon, and we were overjoyed to share this event with our family and so many of our close and lifelong friends.  Our pastor, Cindy, led the service for us; and as you know.....I simply adore her.  She was amazing.  She spoke about marriage and how marriage can be work and how they can be fragile and how they can be forgotten, because we get so busy and wrapped up in our children, jobs, etc.  Honestly NPayne and I have never had to "work" very hard, because of the type of personalities we  he has!  ;)  But we have been in the "fragile" state a few times, and we have been in the "too busy" state some as well.  As our children have gotten older, we have become more busy; but we have also been able to carve out some alone we run out and grab a burger and chat, just the two of us, for 45 minutes or so.  NPayne and I recited traditional vows, then we shared some personal words; and he cried....just like he did on our wedding day.  I was not nervous on our wedding day or on our second wedding day, but he was on both; and he cried on both.  It's a beautiful thing to see your husband shed tears while he tells you how thankful he is to have you in his life.....okay...well now I might cry!  The photo above is us lighting our family unity was one of the ways we involved our children in the ceremony.  The girls thought the entire thing was spectacular....they loved it all.  Cindy said many profound things, but my favorite thing she said went something like this....while she was leading us all in a closing prayer....she spoke about the light that each of our children shine.  I couldn't have been more overwhelmed with joy when I heard those words.....that's what I strive for as their help them learn by actions and words how important it is to have relationship with Our Savior and how important it is to be His hands and feet!  When you think about it, not only marriage can be "fragile"; but any kind of relationship has a "fragile" state....even the relationship I have with Jesus.  Unfortunately that one is the one I need the most, but the one I take for granted the most; because I know HE will always make time for me....sort of like NPayne!

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