Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kindergarten! SIGH!

Today was kindergarten dedication at our church.  My baby girl is heading to kindergarten tomorrow.  I can't believe it's been almost 6 years, since she blessed our lives.  Before the service, I watched her little smiling face and saw how excited she was.  She couldn't wait to go up and be prayed over....she couldn't wait to hear them say her name....she couldn't wait for it to be all about her and kindergarten.  Drew asked me if I was going to cry during the service, and I told her I was trying to think happy thoughts.  Everytime I felt the lump, I just looked at Elliot.  Her excitement helped my happy thoughts remain.  As for the rest of the weekend, well I've shed a tear or two or a million.  And as for won't be pretty!!

 NPayne and I laying hands on her as they prayed a blessing over her!!
While E was getting ready for dedication, she asked if Pinky Pie, her most loved possession, could come with her to school for rest time.  I told her there wasn't a rest time, and she let out a heavy sigh.  She will leave Pinky Pie behind tomorrow for the first time in her little school life, but I know she will be okay.  Pinky Pie will be waiting in her booster seat and greet her when we pick her up!!

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