Saturday, March 29, 2014


It was Wednesday in Costa Rica, we were going to the school to do VBS and share the light of Our Savior with the children there.  Our youth did an amazing job of singing "This Little Light of Mine" in English and Spanish for the children, and of course I was quite proud of Addi as she played the ukulele.  The children were excited....that's not even the right word...because it was much more than that.  They were....longing to be close to us.  They listened to the singing and the Bible Story about creation, and they were into the crafts; was after the lesson when the magic happened.  After the lesson, the youth and adults interacted with the children, and the children LOVED it.  I cannot really put into words how much they loved the interaction.  It was amazing to watch....people who don't speak the same language....communicating with each other.  We handed out goody bags which had blue bracelets that said DIO ES GRANDE!  When we ran out, the youth and adults took our DIO ES GRANDE bracelets off and handed those out as well.  Then it happened, one little boy....he didn't have a bracelet.  He came over and pointed to my GOD IS BIG ENOUGH bracelet with a longing in his eyes.  I put my hand over it and held it tightly and said out loud but to myself...."I can't give this one up."  I have only taken it off twice, since the day I put it on....3 years ago.  We received these after our Pastor Ken suddenly passed away, and it reminds me how faithful God is in all circumstances.  I held onto it and rubbed it between my fingers as the little boy walked away, and then I heard it....a voice saying "Give it away!"  I don't know if it was my inner conscience, Ken's voice, God's voice, whose voice; but it nudged me HARD.  I took off the bracelet, went after the little boy and handed it to him.  His smile was bright and his eyes glistened, and I knew that the Holy Spirit was right there in that moment.  I reminded's a's not God, it's not Ken, it's not memories, it's a bracelet.  It's true that  bracelet held a special place in my heart, and it was a wonderful reminder; but I know I don't need it to be reminded how faithful God is.  I hope that the little boy knows what it says and will be reminded too that....God is faithful in all circumstances....and I hope that he will also realize that he doesn't need the bracelet to be reminded.

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