Thursday, May 14, 2015


People come and people go.  Some that go are rarely thought of again, and some that go are thought every day.  My friend Lina went to heaven today.  She was the most thoughtful and selfless person I've ever known.  I know many thoughtful and selfless people, but she was that way every minute of every day.  I loved her deeply and my heart is sad. The deeper we love someone, the more difficult the letting go can be.  For me having the opportunity to know Lina and call her my friend is worth all of the grief.  God used her so well, and her beautiful legacy will live on in her 6 lovely children.  They shine brightly like their mama.  You have taught me so much and have touched so many lives.  I  know that your spirit will continue to do so. I miss you Lina, and I will pray for your family and always be there for them.  I'm thankful you are no longer in pain and are at peace in the arms of Jesus, and you are one that I will think of every day.

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