Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary NPayne!!

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary NPayne! We've been together more than half our lives and have grown up together....and are still growing. 24 years ago today...we jumped in feet first and didn't really think about anything but that we loved each other hard...and that would be enough. We both just knew the rest would work itself out. You have been by my side through the best and worst moments of my life...held my hand through the good and the not so good and all the in-betweens. What in the world was I thinking when I said....I AM NEVER GETTING MARRIED all those years ago? I don't know, but I'm thankful God orchestrated things differently. I'm thankful that He softened my heart through you. I'm thankful He has shown me the best kind of love through you. I'm thankful for your calm, rational and loving approach in everything you do. I'm thankful for those 5 beautiful people we have and that you are their dad, because there is not a better person to guide them, support them, encourage them, and love them than you. God has taught me so much through you, but mostly He has taught me about love, kindness, gentleness and trust in this life we have together. Through you, God has shown me that there is always something to be grateful for and what a servant's heart looks like. Once again, we are apart on our anniversary; because you are out doing what you do best....serving and loving others. So today, I just need to say THANK YOU, with all that I have, to my handsome hunk of a rockstar husband...you are definitely the better half in this duo!

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