Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Arthritis Hurts

The last few years I have had many health challenges, and thankfully most of those are being managed.  The one issue that I can't seem to get under control is pain.  I've tried many natural remedies, supplements, diet, etc...but nothing has really helped.  When I visited the arthritis doctor this past summer, she did a full work up (with a gazillion xrays and blood tests).  The result was....yes you have it, how about Cymbalta for pain management?  I thought about that for a while and decided against it.  I'm not a fan of taking medication (and I already take plenty), but especially not addictive medication; so I declined.  Lately the pain has gotten to unbearable stages, and I've wondered if I made a mistake.  Yes I could go back and say I wanted to try it, but I've lived with pain for so long already; so I'm just not ready to take something I'm not comfortable taking.  I am a pretty laid back gal, but I'm also easily overwhelmed and stressed out by busyness and chaos.  November and December proved to be both.  We've lived in a chaotic state for quite a while now, and although I'm grateful for home improvements; it takes its toll.  I crave organization and tidy, but that is not the current state of our living situation.  I tend to internalize stress which I believe makes it even worse.  It manifests itself in pain and sleeplessness for me.  First world problems I know.  If you happen to be reading this post and have any suggestions for pain management that don't involve medication, please reach out to me.  I would greatly appreciate it. :)

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