Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mothers and Their Children

Maybe it's because I'm on an abundance of cold medicine or maybe it's because Feb. 19th is approaching or maybe it's because one of my daughter's classmates was murdered on Christmas or maybe it's all of the above; but I'm having a hard time keeping my chin up. I can't stop thinking about my pastor, Ken, who died so suddenly on Feb. 19th last year. I can't get the imagined vision of that family.....all sitting around their Christmas tree....laughing and opening gifts one minute and lying lifeless the next....murdered by the father of their family. I can't stop thinking about the fear and confusion they felt as they saw each person being brutally shot. I asked my daughter what was said at her school about the boy who was murdered, and she told me her first period teacher read them something explaining what happened. That's it???? They didn't pray or have a moment of silence or something more???? I know it's public school, but I felt there needed to be more. I know counselors are available to talk with students as needed......but it doesn't seem like enough. It may have been enough and was probably very appropriate, but I feel like they all moved on without skipping a beat. I could be wrong, and I hope I am. I couldn't help but wonder how Addi felt when she went to that class today and saw his empty seat. When Drew lost a friend, in 2nd grade, to leukemia....it was much different. I thought about it today, and I remembered that Ken called me early on April 1st to tell me that Jayla had died. I knew Drew would take it hard, and I wanted to be the one who told her. Ken knew this and was thoughtful enough to call me before she went to school. I can vividly remember exactly what he said and how his voice sounded....."Lorie, this is Ken. I just wanted to call and let you know that Jayla died this morning! I wanted to call you before Drew left for school!" and his voice quivered. It broke my heart then and it broke my heart today to think about it again. A mother should never have to bury her child....this I believe wholeheartedly....but many have and many will. Pray for those who have!

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