Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Lifelong Friend

Three years ago today, my lifelong friend nearly lost her life during childbirth. Her son did lose his. She suffered from HELLP Syndrome and as a result a stroke. Her baby boy was born quite prematurely and lived one hour on earth. Shiloh is celebrating his 3rd birthday with Jesus. My friend, Leslie, and her husband, Jeff, are a true example of God using something for good.....Romans 8:28. They are devastated, they are heartbroken, they have been rocked to their core; but they still allow the love and joy that only Christ can provide to fill them shows. The light shines brightly around them...nearly illuminating wherever they go. They talk openly about their brokenness and their heartache, but they also talk openly about their peace and joy! It's truly inspirational and amazing to be around them for any amount of time and see the good they are doing as they share The Good News through their words and actions. We grieve for their little boys....they lost another son, Chet in 2005; but we find comfort in knowing where they are and who they are with and that someday they will hold them in heaven. No mother should have to bury her children, but they do.

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