Monday, March 5, 2012

Even Split!

Yesterday was the first time I have gone grocery shopping, since....well....honestly I can't remember. NPayne does most of the shopping. I am not a fan of Walmart, and I can't afford a "real" grocery store. I would prefer to buy groceries at Target, which I do, when I shop; but NPayne thinks it's too expensive too. So....he shops at Walmart....nearly every week. Have I mentioned that he rocks? Well he does. He also puts Cal's laundry away, takes Addi to school at the crack of dawn for drumline rehearsal, gets everyone going on weekday mornings, takes Cal to school, cooks dinner quite often, does the dishes on his dish night, usually does his own laundry, tucks the girls in about 80% of the time, tucks Cal in 99.9% of the time, oh and he has a job! Did I mention that he rocks? Well he does. He is also building out a closet upstairs and finishing up a bathroom that was built a loooooong time ago, but hey he's been busy! As for me, I lay around in my pj's and drink coffee all day after soaking in a hot bubble bath for hours on end! ;) I am blessed to have such a hard working, supportive husband....yessiree Bob, but I promise you all of those things I just listed.....that's about 1/3 of our weekly busyness....I cover about 1/3 (maybe a tad more)....the kids cover 1/3 (maybe a tad less)....and then there are weeks when some things just don't get done! What do ya do? Make the best of it, or at least I try to! I'll admit I'm not very good at that.....I like things to get done....but sometimes they just don't, and we go to the park instead! :)

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