Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walk A Thon

It's that time again....time to raise some moola for a good cause! My girl, Addi, heads up a fundraiser each year in honor of her brother Cal. She organizes something to raise money for Autism Speaks! This year, she is planning a Walk A Thon! She will be creating an event page directly linked to Autism Speaks for those of you who feel led to donate. We will share all the details on April 2nd....LIGHT IT UP BLUE day! Remember to scroll down and mute the music, so you can hear her info.
Having Cal in my life has taught me so much that I would have otherwise never known or taken for granted. Having my girls in my life has taught me more in the 15 years that I've been a mother than I have learned in my entire lifetime! God brings good out of everything. Sometimes we have to pay attention to see it, and sometimes it is very visible!

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