Friday, July 20, 2012


Going on a road trip.....all seven of us.  We are all very excited to get away from it all, sleep in a hotel (a nice one), do some sight seeing, eat out at every meal; but mostly just to be together!  Last Christmas, you may remember we returned home on Christmas Eve and discovered an anonymous gift on our front porch.  When opened, there was a game and a puzzle and 5 $100 Visa debit for each child.  I really wanted to do something special with that money....not just blow it.  I wanted the kids to get to do something we NEVER do, so we are going on a road trip....sleeping in a nice hotel, doing some sight seeing, eating out at every meal!  Those are the things we NEVER do.  Being together....well we do that often....but we never get tired of it! I'll give you all the exciting details about the road trip when we return!

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