Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm exhausted!  I am having a hard time getting everything done....actually a very difficult time.  I can't keep the house clean, taxi the kids around, go to work, and manage the photography business in a way that's suitable in my eyes.  I am afraid something is going to have to be eliminated from the above list!  Can you guess which one?

I am extremely excited at the idea of having some bids on getting work done in our bathrooms and kitchen....yippee!!!  Merry Christmas to me!  Looking forward to getting something done to the house....FINALLY!  I am going to start laying out plans for the family closet soon.  Until we get the remodel going (if we ever get the remodel going), I'm going to use our master closet as our family closet.  It's going to take lots of clearing out and strategizing, but I think it can work.  Unfortunately for NPayne, he will have to do most of the clearing out!  I will probably start this soon, but it probably won't be complete until spring.  I am hoping to have the carpenter guy build a door from our closet to the breezeway, so I can have the washer/dryer moved out there which will also extend some space for the family closet!  I'm so excited about getting more organized.  Living in chaos makes me grumpy and very irritable, so I bet my family will be glad to get more organized too....or maybe they won't, since the majority of them seem perfectly fine with creating clutter!  ;)  But you know what they say...when mama is happy, everybody is happy!

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