Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Miss Her So Much

Addi is on a trip with the drumline from her high school.  They competed in a National Competition today and did very well....3rd in quads and front ensemble (where she plays). in THE NATION!  She's amazing.  I could watch her play every day.  I can get very frustrated with the time investment in drumline, because it does take so much time away from our family.  When I watch her, I see in her face how much she loves it.  She is finding her way....sigh!  As parents, we pray our children will grow to be strong, responsible, kind, loving, serving people who make good choices.  But as they grow....even if it seems like they are growing the way you hoped and prayed (except maybe she could be a tad bit tidier) ;), we feel them slipping away.  She is almost 16, and I am trying to hold onto all the time I can.  My body truly aches when I think about her graduating high school....then what?  College?  Away?  Far Away?  I don't know if I can survive it.  I would never want to interfere with her dreams, and I would never let her know that my heart would have a constant ache of longing for her to be home with me; but I know it would.  I'm already missing her so much, and she still lives in my house!  Time is going by too fast....way too fast!

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