Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving and Receiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone!  It's my favorite holiday, and I wish it lasted more than one day.  I've thought a lot about thankfulness lately. Each year when I make our Christmas card, I try to focus on a specific scripture/theme to use.  This year I decided to use "It's better to give than to receive".  After our wonderful surprise gift on Christmas Eve last year, I have thought about giving and paying it forward often. I have also thought about how sometimes receiving can be a wonderful blessing as well. NPayne and I try really hard to serve, to let our children serve, to use our gifts; and oftentimes the feeling of gratitude from those blessings we receive from serving comes naturally.  There are days when feeling thankful is a choice for me, and I get so busy or wrapped up in stuff that I forget to thank God. Those are the days that I have to intentionally carve out time to show gratitude and give God glory for what He brings to me.  One thing I read this week that hit home with me was this....."Jesus doesn't stop being good, but sometimes we stop being grateful".

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