Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Miss Him So Much!

Nov. I am thankful for my dad!  It's been 7 years ago today that he left this earth and entered the arms of our Savior!  I know he is not sad, sick, in pain.  I know he sees us every day.  I know that even though Elliot does not know him, he knows her.  I miss my dad.  Addi, Cal, Drew miss their Papa.  Bryna doesn't remember him, and Elliot only knows him through what we've told her and pictures!  It gives me great joy to know that someday he will look in her eyes, the eyes that look just like his, and it will be like they've been together forever!  My dad died Nov. 7, 2005:  but I didn't lose him....I know exactly where he is!

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