Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm full into PT, and actually it's going quite well.  That doesn't mean it's not painful, because it is; but I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....sort of.  The day I can put my hair into a ponytail all by myself will be the day I claim victory.  :)  Dave, my therapist, is a brutal man; but his brutality is done out of the knowing that it is for my own good.  Yesterday I was laying on the table with my eyes closed while he manipulated my shoulder.  Closing my eyes keeps me from having to look at his face as it contorts while he works on me, and it keeps me from seeing his expression as my face contorts in I focus on other things....or at least I try to.  Anyway I was laying there, and I raised my left arm from resting position up to my side.  Dave suddenly says, "WHOA!  What are you doing"?  Startled I opened my eyes and said, "My arm itches, I'm trying to scratch it by rubbing it on my shirt".  To which he replies, "Oh I thought you were going to take a swing at me".  Now let me tell you....this is not the first time I've heard him say something like this.  I've heard him tell someone, "Don't kick me".   And I've heard him ask, "Are you going to hit me?" and other phrases like this.  DUDE!!! I can't help but wonder what kind of abuse he has endured over the years as people react to the  pain  therapy he is inflicting!  I know he is doing a good job and pushing me along, but truthfully it is no fun!  I do enjoy getting out of the house for the hour and a half I'm there, and I must admit I sort of love the end of therapy when I get the 10 minute nap complete with stems and heat!  If the nap could last about 3 hours, I think my shoulder would be that much better!  ;)

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