Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5th! The best day of 2001!

Twelve years ago today, we were once again blessed with the wonderful gift of a child!!  We welcomed Drew Michelle Payne to this earth to love and care for and teach, to be loved and cared for and taught by her as well.  She is a gem!  Drew is my child....who is the most like me.  She wears her heart on her sleeve, wants everyone to get along, believes there can be peace on earth, and knows there is a GOD who loves her no matter what.  Drew wants to live on a farm, grow her own food, and have lots of children!  She is neat and tidy and organized.  She is an amazing artist, loves to read and sew; and she is learning how to play the ukulele and the harmonica.  She loves animals, is a free spirit, sweet and sensitive, my granola girl and hippie chick.  Drew has an extra kind heart and spirit, but she does have a quick temper which she inherited from her mama and her Papa.  Drew shares her birthday with her Papa....who would have been 70 years old today.  Although he died in 2005, we still celebrate the life he had; and the time we had with him.  They are both very very much alike!  Drew, I adore you!  You own my heart!

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