Sunday, June 9, 2013


Our Sweet Finn boy passed yesterday!  He was such a good dog and very loved.  Our Josie girl is very lost without him.  My Drew got Finn for her birthday 5 years ago.  She is just heartbroken.  She cried all day and even cried herself to sleep.  Last night, she came in and laid down with me.  We were listening to music and quiet.  Then she said, "Do you ever get mad at God?" 
I explained that when I was a child and even into my early thirties, I probably did get mad at God; but I don't anymore.  I explained that although there have been things that have hurt so bad and broken my heart so much, I don't get mad at God.  I don't believe he causes the hurt, but I do believe he can prevent it.  When He doesn't, I use to think WHY?  I use to think I would find out once I got to heaven....all of those questions.  Then I realized, once I get to heaven; I don't think I will even ask.  It will be so wonderful that those questions won't even matter anymore!  Drew asked me what has been the worst day of my life, and I thought about it; because there have been some pretty bad days.  I told her I thought it was when my dear friend, Leslie, lost her first baby boy as a stillborn baby.  
Drew said, "Today was mine!"

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