Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Most Wonderful Preschool In The World

So many things have changed over the last 5 months.  Things I could have never imagined have taken place.  If you had asked me last year what I would predict for this year, I would have NEVER predicted some of the things that have happened.  As many of you know for the last 15 years, I had the wonderful privilege of being a parent, teacher, administrator at the most wonderful preschool in the world!  Okay I know people say those kinds of things all the time, but my statement is completely 100% accurate....the most wonderful preschool in the world.  I worked with amazing women who have become some of my most treasured friends, women I consider to be my family!  I truly love these people.  All five of my children attended this school, and I am so very thankful they were blessed by these wonderful women as well.  My girls still talk about it and treasure their time there and the relationships they made there.  This most wonderful preschool in the world was open for 47 was that fabulous!  Then yesterday, the announcment was made to close it!  Although I had not been working there since February, I still LOVED that place.  I had always planned on working my entire career at this most wonderful preschool.  Now that it's officially been closed, and there are so many broken hearted families and teachers; I have heard things like...."It's time to move on!  It's time for new beginnings!  This time next year, new teacher friends will be made; and you will all have moved on!"  And those things are true and good, but if you weren't part of this most wonderful preschool in the world; then simply said....You Don't Understand!  There will be new beginnings, and people will move on, and there will be new relationships made; but truly WE....the staff there....WE will always be bound by the love we have for each other and that most wonderful preschool in the world.  It wasn't just a job, it was a lifestyle, a way of life, a great way to spend your days, it molded us into the people we are.  NPayne has always told me how happy he was and blessed I was that I got to go to "work" at a place I loved so much.  I can honestly say that in all the years I was a teacher there, I cannot ever remember a day where I didn't want to go to work!  I couldn't wait to get there.  And yes I enjoyed my time off in the summers and on holidays, but I couldn't wait to get back to school in the fall.  So yes we will all move on, but it won't be in the way that most people do in these types of situations; because we all shared something so special, so magical, so wonderful....the most wonderful preschool in the world.  The Creative Learning Center will always live on in our hearts and souls!

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