Monday, June 24, 2013


Summer is in full swing around, mission trip, VBS, swimming....and now they are all trying to sit around in front of the TV all day!  Really?  Yes I know it's hot, but come on kids!  Honestly I am not a fan of TV, so I just don't get the draw to it.  When I come home from grocery shopping, and their lunch dishes are in the sink, the cat is meowing for food; and they're all staring at some goofy teeny bopper show (which by the way are my nemesis)...I tend to get a little I.R.R.I.T.A.T.E.D!  So off went the TV, some foot stomping and sulking occurred as I sent them all on their way to "find something else to do"!  It's very quiet in the house, so I will investigate soon to see what else they did find to do!  Pray for me!

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