Friday, October 11, 2013


I NEED that....actually I just WANT it.  I haven't had to do without many needs in my life, yes a few; but for the most part not many.  I certainly haven't had to do without needs that sustain my life or ability to live.  NPayne and I live on a tight budget.  When we were first married, we had a savings account (with money in it), owned a house, cars, socialized, looked nice, ate well, etc.  Once we had children, we SOMETIMES had a savings account (usually with not much money in it), owned a house, cars that are really old and paid for, socialized occasionally, looked nice, ate (not always well, but we ate), etc.  Coming to the realization years ago, that we simply can't afford many things was a little challenging; but as time has passed....I have realized even more that stuff and money aren't what make a family.  We have had to tell our kids NO to things, but they still have  A LOT!  We have had to tell ourselves NO to things, but we still have  A LOT!  We are about 3 payments short of paying off our house....seriously cannot believe we are to this point!  We haven't had car payments in at least 7 years!  We can clothe our children...thankfully they are not into labels and brands!  We do have food....not always organic (as I would like) or anything extra special, but then again....having food at all is extra special...isn't it?  As I look at our bank account today, I am thankful that there is anything in it and how God provides.  As I look at my daily email from Anthropologie and all the other specialty stores and discount offers, I realize that it is a good thing that our budget is tight.  I cannot see myself ever spending hundreds of dollars on a sweater, but that doesn't mean that I don't NEED...would like to have one.  Being on a budget has made me that much more aware of money and how we spend it and therefore that much more aware of those who don't have their needs met, because they simply don't have the money.  I hope and pray that my children will really understand the abundance they have...even when they hear me say...."We can't afford that"....and that they will always want to give back.   I am seeing that they do, and that is something you can't put a price tag on; because it is simply PRICELESS!

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