Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Good Life

The good life....what does that mean to you? When you think of someone who has "the good life", what comes to mind? Twenty years ago, my vision of "the good life" was probably different than it is now. Honestly I don't ever remember thinking of any celebrity, in particular, having what I would consider to be "the good life". I do remember thinking in the past .... "If only I had????"  Or "if only ???? would happen". I still often think ... If only thoughts. The difference is that now I don't think whatever that may be will determine if my life is good. I realize that my life is good...really good. I don't think much about what I wish I had or didn't have or even consider those wants as factors in making my life good. I do find myself longing for things like...time, simplicity, quiet, discernment, peace. Those things may sound like easy things to obtain but for me, oftentimes they are not. I have to work at these things, and I am still oftentimes unsuccessful. What I have learned is that sometimes I have to give up something really good or that I really enjoy to obtain one or more of these things that I long for, and that's okay!

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