Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3....The Best Day of 2006!

Happy Birthday to Elli Cinderelli With A Belly Full of big little lady. The funniest little thing with the best disposition. A little bit shy and little bit not. You have a special something going on with each of your siblings, and they all love you to infinity and beyond. You have been deemed as "the kindest friend" by many and bring us so much joy. I love your sweet soul and sensitive heart. I kinda dig your obsessive need to organize and love for shoes...oh and those freckles...they're my favorite. And in our darkest times, you bring us light and laughter. Elliot Ann Payne, you are the best surprise we have ever recieved, and I give thanks for you a million times a day. I adore you more and more with each moment I'm blessed to know you. You are HIS, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to raise you in His Name. What a blessing! I know you still wish you were two, but little are going to rock NINE!I
I Love You Too Much To Hold!! Mommy

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