Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Wonder

As I sat in the waiting room, I looked around at all the others....waiting, waiting to see their loved ones.  I looked at their faces and wondered why they were there.  I listened to their conversations, watched them wring their hands with anxious anticipation and waited.  When we entered the common area, I watched as each person entered; and I tried to figure out their stories.  Some were greeted with tears and hugs, some just with hugs, some with pats on the back; but they were all glad to be seen.  I saw some cup the faces of their loved ones in their hands and look deeply in their eyes as they greeted them.  I saw some hold their hands gently in theirs, and I wondered.... What is their story? How deep is the wound?  Will it ever be healed for them?  Will they find joy again?  I wondered.  Will she find joy again?  I saw a glimmer in some of their eyes as they visited, and I saw hurt in their faces....all of them....every single one.  I saw one who was still waiting for his loved one to appear, and his face was full of angst; then he stood and smiled when he saw him approach.  I wondered.  How many will return?  How many will survive?  How many will fight for their joy?  Are they scared?  I am.

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