Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I haven't posted much, but my mind has been full of things to say.  I've been waiting until the time was right, and sometimes it seemed right; but I couldn't write.  I have so much to be thankful for...oh...and I am.  But life is hard right now.  It's just really hard.  Many things have contributed to this, and honestly I'm just about as overwhelmed as I may have ever been.  My Addi is struggling, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, harder than seeing your child hurt.  My heart is aching for my mama, sometimes I can't catch my breath when I think about how much I miss her.  It's that time of year when those memories of my dad's illness come to the surface.  He died 10 years ago this week...10 years without him.  The holidays are upon us, and I know there will be celebrating; but there will also be sorrow.   I'm already kinda over school and wishing everyone wasn't so busy.  My body is failing me, and although that has been the case for the last few years; it has been really hard as of late.  I read my Bible a lot and talk to Jesus constantly, and then I just wait.

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