Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy Birthday NPayne!!

Happy Birthday to my main squeeze....NPayne! You are now officially closer to 50 than 40! You will never be as old as me, but thankfully that helps keep me young.  
Thank you for making me laugh every day. Thank you for not shushing me when I cackle really loud at things that most people don't think are funny. Thank you for humoring me when I send you videos of me lip syncing Justin Timberlake to you. Thank you for dancing with me when I ask you to. Thank you for always telling me I'm pretty even when I'm not. Thank you for reading the 100s of texts and emails I send you every day. Thank you for cleaning your side of our bedroom (okay so that was not really true, but trying some reverse psychology ). Thank you for taking us on awesome adventures. Thank you for being fun and goofy. Thank you for sharing your love of music and creativity in our home. 
Thank you for taking such good care of us, for always encouraging people to use their gifts and for doing whatever you can to make life better for so many. Thank you for the example you set by serving and loving and doing it because that's just who you are. Thank you for finding something good in every day and for always reminding me that there is always something to be grateful for. Thank you for holding me up on days when I couldn't have held myself up. Thank you for being humble, accepting, firm in your beliefs and for living out your words. You are definitely a man who practices what he preaches. Happy BDay! You'll always be the one!

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