Monday, January 25, 2016

Life Is Hard

Over the last few months, I've found myself thinking...."LIFE IS HARD"!  It wasn't until today after a long conversation with someone I love dearly that I's not really life that's hard, it's us that's hard....PEOPLE!  I wish there was peace among everyone, in their innermost selves, and with all of those around....ones we know personally and ones we don't.  For years and years, my greatest wish has been peace on earth and for years and years, I thought it was possible; but I must admit....I find myself not being so optimistic anymore.  There are some wonderful great people in the world doing wonderful great things, but there are also some not so wonderful people in the world doing not so great things.  I pray for peace within my own soul and heart daily, and oftentimes I just whisper a name....JESUS....followed by the phrase....YOU GOT THIS!  I GIVE IT TO YOU!  It is then that peace fills my spirit.  But it doesn't come naturally or easy for me....I have to stop and pause for a good long while when I whisper those words.  I have to clear my mind.  I have to think about what I'm trying to control.  Then I have to physically feel myself let it go.  It's a process and one I'm still practicing.  Sometimes the turmoil within my heart and soul comes back the very next day, and I am whispering those words again.  I will always pray for peace on earth, but I don't think I'll say Life Is Hard anymore.

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