Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 3....The Best Day of 1997!!!

NINETEEN!  Happy Birthday to my sweet Addison Jo Payne.  You're the one that introduced me to the most wonderful, exhausting, hardest, rewarding experience of my life...being a mama.  You entered the world fast and furious, yet you are anything easy going and laid back child with a wit as sharp as a tack.  The quiet silent type, so much so, that people have asked me if you ever speak. ;)  You have your dad's chill out disposition and my my weird sense of humor, except you don't laugh nearly as loud as I do. The best biggest sister we could have hoped for.  I had to post pictures of you and each of your siblings, because you have a wonderful and unique relationship with each one.  They all adore you and are always excited when you come home.  NINETEEN YEARS...I could not be more proud of the person you are, the obstacles you have overcome, and the goodness you have in your heart! You are going to change the world. You're my heart AJP!

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