Thursday, May 19, 2016

I'll Bloom Again Later....

 I lay awake last night wondering what my passions were and why I couldn't feel them much anymore.  I thought about my family....yes still a passion, and yes I still feel passionate about them  PTL!  I thought about my limbo!  I thought about my friends....yes still a passion, and I still feel passionate about them  PTL; but I miss being with them.  I want more time with my friends.  I thought about my creative side, my house, my body, my health....those I struggle with.  Sometimes, like now, hot tears sting my eyes; because I just feel tired and unmotivated and confused about life. 
God, what are you calling me to do?  Why can't I hear you?  Then I read this this morning on Jen Hatmaker's facebook page, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I've been thinking about this quote all week.
Maybe you are like me right now, in a season of being underground. There is a place for that. There is a time to be covered up and quiet and tucked away and...gasp...not producing. Not giving the world beautiful, vibrant, visible blooms. That is not only okay, it can be incredibly healthy.
So for those of you underground right now, exhale. You'll bloom again later. Maybe now is the time to be nourished and formed and hidden away from all the watching eyes. It will make for a much brighter bloom in its time.


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