Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm a worrier by nature....I's what I do or did! I have discovered that I'm what I've classified as a "Future Worrier" which means I think about something that is going to happen and then I worry about it. It could be something that's going to happen soon (like taking Elli to the dentist to get a cavity filled) or something that's going to happen a long long long time from now (like who my children are going to marry). Nonetheless....I use to "Future Worry" all the time. When Cal was in 4th grade, I found myself in an inner turmoil about him going to middle school....2 years away! One day, I was reading my devotion; and I came across the scripture "FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU!" Isaiah 41:10. From that moment on, when I start to feel myself worrying....I will say that out loud to myself, take a deep breath, and consciously put it out of my mind. The other night, I lye awake and right before I dozed off...the "FUTURE WORRYING" started. I was nearly paralyzed with Addi going to high school next year! And that's not all....I became so deeply saddened by the thought of her going to a different high school than so many of her really good friends....that I choked back tears. I can't believe my child will be in high school...."FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU!" For now, I'm going to shove that fear out of my mind and be grateful that my child is healthy, smart, and thriving enough to go to high school! I WILL NOT BE AFRAID! I WILL NOT WORRY!

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Alicia said...

You're not alone, Lorie. I do that too. I can think of things in the future (like my son being an official adult in 4 years), and it makes me start to cry!