Saturday, February 25, 2012


We went out to eat tonight....five of us. Addi is on a youth church retreat, and Drew is sleeping over with her friend. Typically we would not have eaten out tonight, but NPayne suggested it; since Bryna and Elli could eat for free at the restaurant where we were going....Cal doesn't eat....and we were down two mouths; so out we went. We ordered and we're waiting for our food when I noticed NPayne's Bible sitting on the table. My first thought was....oh he's teaching Sunday School tomorrow, so he brought it to look over scripture. My next thought was....he wouldn't bring his stuff to prepare for SS to a restaurant, because when we all dine together; our time is spent talking and listening to each other. So after these thoughts passed, I just asked him....."Why did you bring your Bible in?" Then he explained it was for Lent. NPayne usually does several different things during Lent to help him remember the sacrifice that was made. One of those was to carry his Bible with him everywhere he went for this week. He carried it to work, to Drew's soccer game, to the grocery store, to the restaurant, everywhere. Genius if you ask me! I decided not to give anything up, but to take some things on.....NPayne inspired me. One of the things I'm doing is praying specifically for people. I've asked for people to send specific or nonspecific requests to my Facebook wall. If you have any prayer requests, I would be honored to pray for you.

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