Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Beginning To Feel A lot Like Christmas!!

This is the first Christmas, in a very long time, that I am almost in the Christmas spirit.  I'm as busy as ever, exhausted as always, overwhelmed by everything like usual; but I'm not having as difficult of a time forcing myself to be in the "mood for Christmas".  I think it's because I feel good about the direction my family is taking with this season and the fact that they all....mainly the kids....realize what Christmas is about.  Sure they like getting gifts, but they realize it's not all about gifts and decorations and carols; and that the reason we celebrate is about the birth of Christ.  They have never been greedy or expected too much, but I feel like they are getting it more and more.  Even though our decorations are not up yet, I may actually put up more than I have in the last few years!  The part that my family may not realize quite that....they will be taking them down, because I will be in the midst of recovery from shoulder surgery!  :/

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