Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This past Sunday, NPayne led our Sunday School class.  He rarely attends Sunday School with me, because he is usually teaching high schoolers.  However this past Sunday, it was a blessing to have him in class with me.  As I watched him and listened to him standing in front of the class initiating conversation and dissecting scripture, something came over me.....yes I know he's quite the handsome fella....but it had nothing to do with how cute he is.  As I watched him and listened, I was reminded how much God blesses my life through my husband.  His perspective and approach to so many things is exactly like mine and exactly different than mine, but much of the time; it is exactly what I need.  NPayne is usually able to calm my nerves, uncertainties, explosiveness, and every other emotion that oftentimes invade my mind. He supports me!  God supports me through him!  I can learn a lot through my husband.  I only hope that I can teach a lot through what I learn, and that he can learn through least a little bit.  For NPayne and I, it wasn't love at first sight; but it was a growing love for each other....and thankfully it keeps growing.

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