Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I can't believe it's almost mid July, and I have yet to get one "project" on my summer project list completed.  I need my awesome husband, NPayne, to assist me in about 99.9% of my projects; so.....I'm waiting.  Although I haven't gotten much accomplished this summer, I have enjoyed my time with my kids and many good friends.  Fall, in our household, is going to look a lot different.  I have a new part-time job.  Addi is no longer spending every waking moment in band, since she decided to quit drumming.  Not sure what she is doing with her spare time, but we are hoping a job and some guitar playing!  I'm hoping B will make Dance Team and knock her schedule from two days/week of dancing to one.  Of course she will want to continue with voice and piano lessons. Elliot....not sure yet....she knows she wants to finish up her music class, but then will it be soccer or dance?  Drew is going to be in athletics, but I have no idea what that means really.  She will probably still want to do art and/or theatre!  Cal....he will do what he always does...except he will be doing it in high school...yowza!  I am going to start a regimented work out plan and get the girls involved in it too.  It's time for me to start putting all of this stuff into action, and see what days are available for family dinners.  Since our Fridays and Saturdays will be freed up, with no band commitments nor soccer commitments, the world is our oyster!  Maybe some road trips this Fall???

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