Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Friend, The Ocean!

The beach....our happy place! We have been at the beach for the last 4 days! We had not originally planned on coming to the beach this year due to NPayne's lack of vacation time (he took 2 weeks off to go on mission trips) and our finances. Truthfully I was sad....not because we weren't having a vacation but because I know how much Cal (and I) love the ocean!  A few months ago, Cal started asking me when we would go to the beach.  We have taken him every year for quite a while now. I avoided his question until I could avoid no longer. Then I told NPayne..."I'm taking Cal to the beach! Even if its a few days, and we have to stay in an unideal location! He doesn't do camp or mission trip or anything, and that's all he asks for!" NPayne said, "Book it! We can go for these few days at this time!" I was giddy, and it was booked! We have spent the last 3 days with the ocean! Yesterday while I was watching my boy in the water with his dad, and watching my girls frolick around digging in the sand and dancing around in front of camera phones; life was just as it should be....simple, fun, together and overflowing with love for each other and the joy that encompasses me every time we are with God's miraculous creation....our friend, the ocean!  Last night, NPayne asked each of us what our rose had been on this trip. For us, it was being together in one way or another. The love that we have for each other is such a huge blessing, and I truly am so very grateful. While we are here, nobody sits around complaining about being bored or stares at the TV or stays in their rooms all day listening to music alone. Everyone sits together in the tiny living room on the uncomfortable rattan furniture singing, playing board games, talking, laughing and enjoying. As we approach our last day here with our friend, the ocean, I will once again watch my kids be kids and love the simple but miraculous parts of life. I will sit with my toes in the sand and read my devotionals and drink my coffee, and I will etch on my memory these four days, and I will whisper "Thank You!" Over and over again!

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