Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mom, Sandy, Moo...You Should Be Here!

Sometimes I'm talking or reading or typing or sitting or gazing, and you pop in my head as if you were sitting right there. I can clearly hear your voice and your laugh and all of the sudden I either smile or cry....I miss you so much mama! Our baby is getting ready to go to college, and you should be here to lavish her with advice and love and unnecessary dorm accessories.  You should be here to reassure me that I've done a good job being her mama.  You should be here to tell her how proud you are and what a wonderful young lady she has become.  You should be here, so she can tell you all about her dorm and her roommate and her classes.  You should be here to secretly add funds to her bank account and offer to buy her a new pair of school shoes.  You should be here to tell her stories about my days in college and your days when you were 18.  You should be here to hear all about Family Weekend and football games.  You should be here to encourage her and to hold my hand.  You should be here to reassure me that letting her go is part of parenting, and it will be okay; because she knows how much she is loved. I'm so glad you are where you are, but it doesn't make missing you any easier....for me or her. I wish you were here.

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