Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mamaw's Vanity!

So we are thinking....seriously thinking....about moving.  If all goes as I  God wants, we will be outta here sooner than later.  Of course, if He says wait....we will wait happily and with cheerful hearts (insert sarcasm here).  Waiting is not something I'm good at, but God has made me wait before; and I know He will make me wait again.  I'm just kinda hoping it isn't now, always turns out good when it's in His timing....isn't it funny how that works?  I give up control, and let God take over; and things go well.  Hmmmm....wonder why that's so hard for me?  Never mind that I've been waiting to move for 4 years now, but I's all in your hands God....pray for me people.  Anyhoo....we are thinking about moving....and with that comes, packing!  UGH!  We have lived in this house for almost 20 years and have about 45 years worth of stuff.  We have decluttered and cleared out time and time again, and somehow it never goes away.  I know it couldn't possibly be all that reclaimed wood, chairs, old furniture and linens that I hoard collect.  I have big plans for that stuff y'all, get off my back.  SHEESH! Even if we don't move, we still need to pack....not for the sole sake of packing, but to get rid of stuff.  We have too much, plain and simple.  We have started, and when I say we; I mean ME (and NPayne a little).  To give him credit, he will be tackling the garage this weekend. I know, the fact that he has agreed to take that on, will surely get him into heaven; and he is sort of the sole provider for the family that darn job gets in the way.  PTL for NPayne!  We started on our closet this week.  Now y'all have to understand....we live in a house that was built in 1908.  A hundred years ago, people built their own homes with their own hands; and they didn't waste space for closets.  
A.  They probably had a weekday dress and a Sunday dress....bless their hearts.  
B.  They didn't have a need for spending the time and money to build a room to house....what...clothes, what's that you say?  Who has enough clothes which would require a separate room? 
Uh-hum....anyway, they used wardrobes and chifferobes and things of that sort to house their 2 dresses.  What I'm trying to get around to here is this....our house was built without closets.  In the 50's sometime, a misses decided that she needed a place to house her wardrobe; addition was built on our lovely old home.  This addition consists of a garage, for their very cool car, because cars from the 50's are cool; a breezeway and this big room right off the master bedroom.  When I say big, I'm talking 10x10 or so.  Now I'm not sure what the 2 families, who lived in our house, before us used it for; but we use it for a closet.  A closet that is 10x10 or 12x12 (I can't remember) is nice and roomy.  Someone could easily set up camp in there, but we set up clutter instead....except that one time when that 5th SURPRISE baby came along, and we set her up in there.  Don't worry, she was in a bassinet and had plenty of air; and it was tidy when it was her camp.  Over the last year or so, it has become a storage facility for more than clothes and shoes, and now we are cleaning it out.  We cleared everything out, and I cleaned the floors and furnishings which include a dresser and my Mamaw's vanity.  I love this vanity. When I was a little girl, I use to sit at this vanity and cover myself in my Mamaw's costume jewelry trying to brush my unruly hair with the brush from the vanity set.  I know it's just stuff, but I do cherish the memories and time I spent sitting there pretending to be the amazing woman my Mamaw was. It also houses many of my treasures:  love letters from my parents, a vanity set that was my Mamaw's, my perfume bottle collection, that very expensive and tiny bottle of Chanel No. 5 that NPayne bought me years ago, a pair of white gloves that I found at my grandmother's house, photos of my mister when he was a long hair, my parents' wedding rings, my grandparents' wedding rings and other special pieces of jewelry that belonged to my mom and Mamaw.  There are trinkets, that dear special people have given me over the years, that have lots of love attached.  When I looked in the top drawer, I found all the notes to and from the tooth fairy over the years as still my heart.  I love the tooth fairy, not the idea of the tooth fairy, but the actual tooth fairy aka NPayne....he she has the prettiest, curliest handwriting and the wittiest replies to our kids' letters to her him.  All sorts of wonderful things have been discovered in that closet this week, and a few scary things as well. But as we prepare to go or stay, I'll keep clearing out all the stuff in our lovely old home.  There are some things I'll never part with....this vanity is one.

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