Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quirky, Weirdo, Whatever

I'm a weirdo....plain and simple....or maybe I'm not, but I just think I am.  I have a lot of strange quirky things I do and do not do, and there are some things that just are not okay for me.

I don't do crowds...pretty much ever.  If Lenny Kravitz gave me a backstage pass, and I knew there would be hundreds of others getting one too....I would go home.
I don't do noise...now this could be because I have had some significant hearing loss in the past year, but even before that...I didn't do noise.  Now with the hearing loss....I really don't do noise.  And I need to remind myself to say, "Excuse me" or "I'm sorry I didn't hear you" instead of "HUH".  I'm working on it, it's all new to me.
I don't do feet...EWWWW!  Do not even think about touching mine or me touching yours.  I'm not even a fan of looking at feet.  One exception to this rule is baby feet....they are totally okay for me to touch....I even kiss them.  And on that note, I never ever ever go barefoot....WRONG!
I don't do scary...I love nothing more than to scare someone or watch someone be scared, but if you scare me; I will punch you in the throat...true story.  I will laugh harder than anything at someone being scared....except maybe someone falling down....I know it's inappropriate, but it's my coping mechanism folks.  Scary movies, scary songs, scary photos, scary anything are not for me.
I don't do crunching, chewing, smacking, slurping, gulping, silverware on dishes....you get it.  One word MISOPHONIA....it's a real thing, and I have it big. Just ask my family .... how annoyed I get, and how annoyed they get at how annoyed I get.
I don't see a movie after I've read the book pretty much ever.  I have done this a few times, and it was tragic.  I like the vision I've created from the book to stay in my head forever.  The exception to this so far has been The Secret Lives of Bees.  Loved the book and the movie.
I do sad movies, but only once.  Some of my favorite movies and the best movies are sad ones, but I will see them once and once only and don't ever ask me to see them again; because the answer is absolutely not. However I will re-read a sad book if it was one I loved....Poisonwood Bible....yes and yes again!
I do read the last chapter of a book first...not always, but if I can tell it's going to be sad or stress me out; then I will read it first. I love surprises, but only if they are happy and going to work out well with sparkles, love and rainbows....I'm so realistic. ;)
I don't feel the need to finish every book I start....if it's going nowhere for me, I'm out.  Life is short people.
I don't multitask well.  I'm sorry I just can't.  I start folding laundry and remember that I was going to pay a bill and then remember I was planning to make a salad and then remember I needed to address that envelope and then remember....SQUIRREL...you get the picture.
I do lists....lots of them....and they usually work for me unless I see that SQUIRREL.
I do plan....planning is my middle name....Hi, I'm Lorie Planning Payne! ;) This has not always been the case, but this whole mothering thing sort of forced it on me. Truthfully I think I should be compensated for it, it's a lot of work people.
I do counting....every since I was a kid, I've done this weird thing where I will count the letters in a sentence that I've just heard or said.  If the letters don't come out even, then I need to add a word to make it right.  I know it's weird...but it's my weird.
Driving....do but don't enjoy. If I ever won the lottery, I would provide clean water for the entire world and pay someone to drive me around.  I know....it's not even close to being on the same page, but that would be my luxury.
Talking on the phone....only when absolutely necessary....not a fan.  It takes me days to call and make an appointment for something, because I have to gear myself up to get on the phone.  Text and email....I'm all over it....I kinda fancy writing over talking.
I do dancing....pretty much always....kitchen, car, elementary school, grocery store, thrift shop, restaurant....I'm a dancing queen. And I've never had any training, except that time I was 2, and I stood on stage waving at my daddy. It comes natural....bwahahaha!

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