Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I'm going to rant....you've been warned.  I don't usually rant a lot on social media....although I rant inside my own head frequently.  Let me start by saying, I AM NOT PERFECT....oh so far from perfect, not even close.  So please understand that I am certainly not blameless here either.  Something has come to my attention these last few days, and I cannot shush my mouth about it anymore.  ENTITLEMENT....it's killing me y'all.  I have been and certainly am guilty of this as well, and I try not to judge; but some of this stuff makes me want to shake someone into their right mind and best behavior.  Since I've been home from the mega road trip, I've done typical stuff....grocery shopping, washing the car, taxiing kids here and there.  For some reason over the last day and a half, I've observed a lot of this crazy ENTITLEMENT thing happening.  My mouth hangs open and my face gets hot at the thought of some of this stuff I've seen and heard.  Most of what I've observed has been by young adults, in their behaviors and the way they speak to people.  I know ENTITLEMENT comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, zip codes, etc.; but the last few days....it has been recurrent in these young people who may rule the world one day.  As I said....I know I have been, am and will be guilty of this as well; but I really TRY...I really do TRY not to get caught up in this.  I am very aware of how much we have, how rich we are, how our needs are always met in this world we live in.   My children are aware and reminded often as well....just ask them....I'm sure they will enlighten you with how frequently they are sweetly reminded that they don't "need" for pretty much anything ever.  When I tell them, we can't afford something....sometimes it is because we really need to spend our money on feeding the 7 people in the house, but sometimes it is because we just spent a lot of money on a a mega road trip or a painting the kitchen (because I was tired of waiting on our in house handy man to do it).  What I'm saying is that even when our budget is tight, and it is more often than not....we are among the rich in the world, we have more than enough.  I really want my children to be grateful, but I also want them to treat people kindly and with respect.  In the last few days, it has been brought to my attention that sometimes ENTITLEMENT is all about how a person treats another.  I don't have an answer, but I sure wish I did.  And....if you ever see me or one of my people treating anyone as if we are better because of our age, status, demographic, or any reason at all; please shake us into our right minds and best behaviors.  END OF RANT! # alwaysbekind

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