Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I remember being bullied once, but only once. I was at the skating rink when I was in 4th grade, and some middle school girls decided to tease me for what I was wearing. They even cornered me in the bathroom to tease. I have to admit, I was a little quirky, when I was younger; and my parents let me embrace that quirkiness which I applaud them for. For the most part....I fit in, made friends. and did well in school....even though I was extremely shy. Other than that one time, I don't ever remember being bullied. Two of my five children have been bullied at one time or another, one verbally and one physically and verbally. Thank GOD, our school and the teachers were right on top of this and took complete control of the situations and handled it. I never had to do anything but tell them what was going on. I was so worried about Cal being bullied in middle school that I even asked Addi if that was going to be a problem. She said, " with special needs don't get bullied. It's the kids that don't fit in, that get bullied!" It makes me so very sad to know that there are kids....being so hurtful and hateful to another that it would drive them to take their own life. I remember telling my daughter, that was bullied, that we should pray for those boys who were bullying her. She looked a little confused at first. I explained that I thought bullies bullied, because there is something really unhappy or unstable in their lives; so they take it out on others. I told her that was definitely not the right way to handle their unhappiness or problems, but sometimes they are just doing what they know. However, I definitely think these children should be held responsible for their actions. My friend, Robin, shared a link to a blogpost written by Single Dad Laughing about his experience with being bullied. I encourage you to read it from the bullies stand point and from the bullied stand point, and keep your eyes, ears and hearts open.
Watch for signs and do something to stop it.

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